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  1. I would advise appealing to POPLA. Have a look at the British Parking Association Code of Practice and use all of the points where OPS have not complied with this in your appeal. I did post a link to a guide which helps you with a POPLA appeal but it was removed.
  2. When you logged in to their website to appeal, did you see the evidence photos? Did any of the photos show who was driving, or were there only photos of the car?
  3. All the OPS landowner contracts I have seen have a clause where the landowner has to pay OPS if they request cancellation of the PCN. This cost increases each week. So the sooner you ask the landowner to cancel, the cheaper it will be for them. After 4 weeks, the landowner usually has to pay the full cost of the PCN to OPS if it is cancelled.
  4. You are quite rightly furious because you are a victim of the PPC's scam. The only people who can cancel your PCN are the landowner (not the managing agent or the estate agent), OPS or a district judge. In my opinion it is worth appealing to POPLA because if it eventually goes to court, this demonstrates to the judge that you have been reasonable, and the parking company have been unreasonable. In 2019 private parking companies issued 6.4 million PCNs and there were 11000 court hearings about private parking tickets.
  5. Private Parking Companies are audited by the DVLA and the GIAA (Government Internal Audit Agency). They receive ratings of Green, Yellow or Red. These results can be found on WhatDoTheyKnow. https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/list/all?utf8=✓&query=GIAA+parking+audit&request_date_after=&request_date_before=&commit=Search OPS have been rated Green, but some PPCs, such as VCS, UKCPM and CP Plus have been rated Red since 2018, but are still allowed to obtain KADOE data from the DVLA. In the past, PPCs could be suspended or have their KADOE contract revoked, but
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