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  1. Received this from Firstsource today. Thanks Amex FS 2nd 200420.pdf
  2. Firstsource have sent this to me, see attached. Should I now send a CCA request to Amex and inform First Source I have done this. Many Thanks. Amex FS 1st 180420.pdf
  3. Received this from Moorcroft with regards to TSB. I can confirm I initially received the Credit card from TSB in July 2014. There is a reference to a 2016 change on the TC's TSB sent plus my signature is nowhere on what they sent. Moorcroft state in this letter that I am currently paying into a plan, this is incorrect, no payments are being made to this account presently. What do you suggest I do. Many Thanks moorcroft 2nd - 180420.pdf
  4. That's right, I got the tsb credit card in 2013 or 14. Thanks
  5. Received this from TSB and this is all, not sure what to make of it, my signature is not anywhere and there are dates in the TC's that are after the time I first got the card. What should I make of this and do. Thanks. tsb_reply_130420_compressed.pdf
  6. Received this from Amex today and they haven't even provided the CCA request although it was Allied International Credit (UK) Ltd that I sent the request to. Should I resend the request for the CCA or what? Thanks amex reply 100420.pdf
  7. ok thanks dx, the debt is 25k loan and 6k overdraft, I'm hoping yo'ure correct that RBS wont do court even for this amount. Thanks
  8. Got ya. So should I just ignore RBS and hope they sell the debt, what other action is RBS likely to take if they don't sell. Thanks.
  9. I thought RBS sent an enforceable CCA did they not, even though it was unsigned.
  10. I've not sent this out yet and I received a call from RBS the other day. We spoke about my health issues and they have asked me to supply evidence which I can so thats not a problem. They also want me to provide an Income and Expenditure which I can easily do as well to prove payments are unaffordable at the moment. My thought is what if I just blank them, what are the likely scenario's, I'm hoping they sell the debt so I could make Full and Final Settlement as I've got a little bit of money coming my way later in the year and would like to put this to bed. or If it's sold to DCA could I try another CCA on them, would they be able to provide the neccesary documents or are they able to do the same as RBS and just send an unsigned one. or Would RBS accept a Full and Final settlement and what offer would I suggest. Many Thanks
  11. Looks like another nice letter from Lowell (See attached), is this correct as its worded slightly different to the other one for Capital One. This letter implies that they may look at pursuing this at a later date although its very clear on the letter that the balance is £0.00. Many Thanks Lowel CF Reply Closed Account.pdf
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