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  1. Sorry, this is misleading me, why am I sending a CCA request to TSB, Moorcroft are the ones chasing the debt. Can't see any posts telling me to send the CCA to either TSB or Moorcroft in reply to your "We never said to cca moorcroft!
  2. Received this back today from Moorcroft (see attached), I read the instructions for CCA so didn't sign it. Have I missed something, do I need to sign the CCA request and if not what should a include in my letter back to them. Thanks. Moorcroft 1st - CCA refusal not signed.pdf
  3. Yes I was resident in Scotland when I took all these credit accounts out.
  4. Have they met the full requirements of the CCA, does this mean I have to pay the debt or negotiate a full and final settlement? Thanks.
  5. Received a reply from Lowell in regards to the Argos CCA request saying they have fulfilled the request. Is this the case and/ or what are my actions next? Files attached. 1. Letter 2. Terms and conditions. 3. Agreement 4. 1 of many monthly statements. Many Thanks Lowell_CCA_Reply_150120-min.pdf
  6. Will they still sell the debts if I'm paying an agreed amount every month, would I be better to stop payments and let them chase me for the debts then hopefully sell them. We have 9 years left on mortgage which is with RBS and has been since it started 10 years ago, mortgage is half the Mrs. Have got equity in the property, under 100k but more than 50k, is there any risk the RBS could go down the route of trying to get money out of the equity? I have no secured debt, all only unsecured. Many Thanks.
  7. Going back to my initial post and having taken Andyorch's advice to obtain CCA requests from 4 creditors and only received one solid reply since October that they couldnt supply the request, what action can I take for the other creditors in the meantime. Argos/ Lowell - Acknowledged receipt of CCA request, nothing else. Barclaycard/ Robinson Way - Accepted they can't complete CCA Request. Capital One/ Fredrickson - Acknowledged receipt of CCA request, nothing else. Creation Finance - Acknowledged receipt of CCA request, nothing else. What can I do with these other Creditors? American Express - Allied International Credit - Credit Card RBS - Loan RBS - Overdraft TSB/ Moorcroft - Credit Card Many Thanks.
  8. Will I ignore any letters they send if I'm opting to not pay them anything? Thanks
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