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  1. Thank you. I've asked the seller to refund me the fees, since they declared an item on the customs form that wasnt in the box, the error is theirs. I will approach HMRC if no luck.
  2. Hi everyone, Looking for some advice please. Last week I placed an order with a department store in the USA for 2 items, each costing £331, total package value £662. I got a notification from DHL that I needed to make the payment for tax and duty in the sum of £141 which I paid by credit card. When the parcel was delivered and I opened it, one of the items was missing. I contacted the seller who agreed to send me out a replacement item. Now I have been notified by DHL that I need to again pay the tax and duty on the item - another £76. I have contacted the seller who had trouble grasping the issue, but eventually said I should discuss with DHL that I have already paid and ask them to waive the fee. I spoke to DHL who say the only way the fee would be waived would be if the original incomplete package was returned and then the seller sent it back out correctly with both items inside. Seems like I have no choice but to pay DHL and ask the seller to reimburse me the second tax/duty fee, is that right? Thank you in advance.
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