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  1. I cannot send any more pictures as I live in Norfolk, and the carpark in question is in Blackpool, Hornby Road to be precise so if anyone else who is local can help out I would be much obliged. Would the information you are looking for be on the ticket itself?
  2. Finally managed to organise a pdf. This is the sign at the carpark Sorry its taken so long park.pdf
  3. From what I have read about this organisation, they are a bit fast and loose with their ticketing policy, I do not know if they belong to an accredited body. There was a blue "park mark" sign also that seemed to suggest they were a "quality" carpark whatever that means.
  4. We paid to park in Hornby Road carpark, the nearside front wheel was on the white line, not over. We parked on Sunday 20th October and did not return to the car until today, 23rd October. We have two tickets issued by NE parking for the same offence, issued on the 21st and 22nd respectively. How do we proceed? Can they charge twice for the same offence? Please help thank you. My wife is blaming me.
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