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  1. Fancy doing all that work and then not sending to the court and claimant registered delivery ? cost a fiver but you can print off the date and signature of the person who signed for it at their end. i was advised against email before the hearing as it gave them a chance to prepare a response to my points. good luck but as Andy says you have to work with what you have, which is of course to comply as directed and to appear to be helpful in this regard not kicking back against the process or you are on shaky ground
  2. Expect to be taken to withIn a couple of weeks of your date, I know exactly how you are feeling as I doubted the strength of my case and myself yet when the Notice of discontinuation letter arrived I was gutted and felt cheated out of my day. Remember you are a number in their production line and apart from a couple of stamps they have had no significant outlay, so why wouldn’t they keep going in the hope that your bottle goes ! Good Luck
  3. Hi ive had this letter before they threw the towel in and would like to make a couple of observations. firstly all this estimated costs is just to put the frightners on you and make you doubt yourself and roll over DONT ! secondly from the figure on the first line of £160 leads me to suspect that it will be an NTK which has been issued after they failed to identify the driver ? the £100 is the maximum you are liable as long as the driver identity is not known KEEP IT THAT WAY ! Thirdly the £60 part of that is the fee they tried to claim I was liable for and my defence
  4. I’m going to post a redacted letter onto this thread over the next few days. it is the last letter I received from BW Legal before the notice of discontinuance of claim. in it they go through my defence point by point in an attempt to counter it, they don’t mention the >56 days or the two warning sign contraventions however it would be interesting to see someone with the knowledge go through it point by point as that is what I was hoping the judge would do
  5. Thanks for your summary ericsbrother i am not putting myself forward as any kind of expert in this but I would say I’m a seasoned veteran now. my determination to resist never really diminished but that was due to the forum people cajoling me when I was thinking of giving up. the 2 witness statements are really just a covering letter and of little help without knowing what the references are, photos: 1 blue sign with the word penalty 2 white sign part hid by cafe sign 3 reflected image showing their man using a mobile phone camera
  6. Hope this has been properly redacted and uploaded using office lens ! 23-10-2019, 23:28 Office Lens.pdf
  7. Yes no problem remember to do a witness statement for your partner or anyone else that was there if you intend to rely on their evidence or wish them to be able to speak at a hearing will be posted within the hour cheers
  8. Hi in no particular order the reason I think that no legal brain is involved in the process until much later is that I was told on another forum these are laughingly referred to as roboclaim on another forum. I was told what the next letter in the sequence would be before it arrived to test the theory that I was conversing with a computer in December 2017 I sent them my joke response on a Christmas card and got the predicted reply. Finally and most significantly I pointed out that they had exceeded the 56 days they are allowed to serve the NTK over a yea
  9. I am of course happy to post any of the documentation I possess as it will no doubt help others but out of context they only serve to be confusing until you get to that stage in the process I think. Right let’s start at the beginning with Armtrac: once they have stuck a PCN on your car you have unwittingly embarked on a long and weary process ( my journey started August 2017 and ended in October 2019). You need to decide at the outset whether you are a payer or want to stand up for yourself. if you pay these people (who are a couple of ex clampers with
  10. Thanks I’m happy to put something back ! I didn’t have the courage of my convictions to counter claim even though I was really quite proud of the thoroughness of my court bundle ! i really wanted the opportunity to get into the detail with the judge and felt quite cheated when it ended, but of course I realised that they had just moved on to their next victim will watch this space
  11. My wife has directed me to post on this thread as I have just successfully won against these charlatans My hearing date was all set at my local court for 31st October 2019 all defence papers were filed and served and frankly I was really looking forward to it! This morning I received a letter from BW legal stating in a one line response that I was to take this letter as a notice of discontinuance whereby the claimant KBT (armtrac) discontinues all of the claim. I am beyond disappointed that I didn’t get my chance to see these idiots across a desk! And that’s it
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