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  1. Thank you for your reply, however I am not paranoid and I 100% heard her say that me and my child had left the shop. Why would she do this if they weren’t observing me?
  2. Hello, I posted last year how I had swapped sale stickers on an item in a well known shop. The lady at the till had copped on to what I had done, but I was so nervous I paid for item in full and left the shop. I was in a different branch of the shop today nearly a year later and I was followed everywhere, when leaving the shop the woman at the exit confirmed that I had left the shop on the radio. I was just wondering have they circulated my picture if another branch had eyes on me? Can they still involve police? I paid by card too
  3. Thank you all for your replies. Are they legally allowed to contact my uni? I had a backpack on so they could clearly tell I was a student. It will ruin my life if I'm kicked out of college for this. Lesson learnt
  4. I switched them in changing rooms and then put the make up back. Can they not just put in time stamp in cctv and it will come up then?
  5. Hi guys, I need your help before you all come down on me for what I did I am beating myself up over it and my anxiety is through the roof. I was in TK Maxx the other day and I swapped a 7 euro sticker with a 19 euro sticker on a pair of Jean's. Stupid I know when I had the cash-I dont know why I did it. I went to the till and the lady scanned it and it came up that the 7euro belonged to the makeup section. I had taken the sticker from there. She definitely copped what I was doing but didn't let on asked if I wanted the item for 19euro
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