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  1. i dont condone it either it was in the heat of the moment thankyou for ur help the man who vaught me was ver rude and aggressive he hurled insults at me
  2. thankyou so much i thought rlp was a complete [problem] from the start however will they turn up at my house my family are very broke at the minute and we cant afford our stuff being took away
  3. they said it was up to 300 the man was agressive and grabbed me
  4. hi can superdrug rlp make me pay the 300 pound if i dont can they take my possessions

  5. no no i wasnt a man was just took a picture of me and was noting my adress and age
  6. hey evryone i am 16 years old today i was caught by a undercover guy and have seen people receive letters and letters demanding money from rlp i have been told i will recieve a fine of 300 pound which is ridiculous for a 2.50 powder however i would like to know should i ignore these letters or not im pretty sure my mum will bow down to the pressure of the constant letters however i wont and want to know if these people actually are legit or should i ignore
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