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  1. Thanks dx I will. Do I have to still pay brighthouse until the return is processed in 6 weeks as I think I shouldn't? As the heap of crap is not fit for purpose and taking room up in my garage. It's brighthouse who can't collect till 31st as I wanted it gone ASAP. I feel they're just trying to get extra money out of me.
  2. I have a Beko washer /dryer from Brighthouse, which I have 6 months left to pay from a 3 year agreement, with no silly insurances. After 2 years of OK performance both the washing machine and dryer failed to work so I couldn't use it whatsoever. I rang brighthouse who said because I didn't have insurance with them it was up to me to fix the machine, I took out a policy with Domestic and General for £15 a month, they kindly fixed the machine in June of this year. Since June I've had D&G back out twice as the dryer part of the machine broke. Last Sunday the machine broke completely and D & G said the bearings had gone and the drum too. They have arranged for a replacement to come this Tuesday. As I'm still paying for this heap of crap until next May 2nd 2020, I rang them to take it back but the guy in store said they can't pick it up until October 31st and I have to still pay for the machine until its returned to them and the system is showing the return, which could take up to 6 weeks. The machine is in the garage. So I'm still to pay for this machine for another 6 weeks even though its a right off. Is this correct. TIA
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