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  1. DX100UK, 


    I ignored the last final demand letter from Moriartylaw as per your advice.

    It has been quite ever since until yesterday when I received another letter.

    The letter pretty much says the same and that they need me to reply within 14 days or they "could" proceed with CCJ proceedings. As they have been instructed by ADCB to issue enforcement action. 


    Do I ignore this letter or respond?


    Thank you



  2. DX100UK,


    Hey guys, got another letter today from Moriartylaw. Please see attachment. 

    Before I replied using the guide in post 5 and they have responded with all the documents as request. I then did not reply and this letter arrived today in the post. 


    What should I do? Respond or ignore ?


    Thanks for all the help and support so far. 



  3. DX100uk


    Guys, below is al the paperwork I submitted to them and their reply for your reference.


    It started with PAP form to which I replied using your guidelines.


    Then I got the standard response and a few weeks later I got this reply. 


    Please feel free to leave me some guidance and comment on what to expect next. 


    Thank you



    IMG_9277.jpeg.pdf response letter.docx moriartylaw.jpeg.pdf

  4. Dx100uk


    sorry to be a pain. But just been reading some of the other treads here about ADCB and moriartylaw. 

    would it be safe for me to follow the guided pap reply letter and asking for the proof documents. 

    im planning to pay the debt of in the future however I need much more time to get funds together. 

    .....and trying to negotiate with UAe banks is nearly impossible.  


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