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  1. SUCCESS!!!! Holiday Inn Express have managed to get this PCN cancelled with Parking Eye. I've just had the email confirmation though. Many thanks for your support and steering me in the right direction on this one and saving me from a ding-dong with PE. It paid dividends to find the right person to talk to at the hotel. The previous guy had thought this was already at the court stage due to DR+ nasty letter. When I was able to explain to the right person that this is not true and PE are still accountable, he got me to email my details in and got it cancelled. Donation is on its way to you - this is a great service and you have helped Thank you Choco
  2. Hi - Quick update. I've spoken to the Holiday Inn Express and they told me to write to them explaining what happened and they'll get the charge cancelled, even though it's a DR+ letter, they confirmed they will talk to PE. It'll take about 4 weeks to cancel. I've sent that off. Have I done enough (for now)? I won't assume this has worked until I get a formal confirmation back. The other suggestion you had was to write a short 2-liner to PE to ensure they have my correct address as they have failed to get any correspondence to me to date. Should I still do that in parallel? Belt and braces. Finally - I'm still sitting on my snot-letter to PE re GDPR request. Again - sit on that still for now? If nothing else it gives them work to do that they can't ignore and proves they have my correct address details (or not) As you might be able to tell, I'm a fan of several lines of attack, but I'll be guided by experience.... Many thanks Choco
  3. Ok - This shoud all be fully redacted: - Draft letter to PE, not sent as yet, but looking to raise a GDPR issue - 3 letters from DR+ the only letters I've received - Reply to my appeal from PE To confirm, my address has always been up to date with DVLA but the car was purchased March 2019. I completed all transfer paperwork immediately and received new log book with correct address by return. Parking Eye (redacted).pdf DR+ letters x 3 (redacted).pdf ParkingEye reply to my appeal (redacted).pdf
  4. Hi all Realised I mistyped my move date. I moved 12 months ago and informed DVLA immediately of my new address. This is all done and dusted. My details are up to date and have been for the past year. In addition, I've had mail redirection in place since then, so nothing is sitting at old address. However - you did get me thinking. I bought this car in March this year - 2 months before this incident. I completed all the transfer paperwork and received the new log. Could it be that ParkingEye were using old data and actually sent their original notices to the previous owner? Just a thought.
  5. Dear lookfortheinfo & dx100uk. Thanks for your advice - it's very reassuring to know people are out there to help. I've completed the template below and added further info. I haven't actually posted my letter off to ParkingEye yet - it's ready to send (see attached). My reason for sending it is for a GDPR Subject Access Request due their failure to comply. I would also copy in Holiday Inn Express, BPA and my MP, but I'm happy to hold off and await your advice . (and to be honest, it felt good to get it all down on paper!) PCN template details completed below: Date of the infringement: 29/05/2019 Date on NTK: no NTK issued Date received: N/A none was ever received Does NTK mention schedule 4 of the PoT Act 2012?: unknown - none ever received despite request Is there photographic evidence?: Y - PE CCTV shot Have you appealed?: Y Have you had a response: Y Who is the parking company: ParkingEye Where exactly: Holiday Inn Express, Birmingham, Oldbury, M5 J2 Appeal body: BPA All attachments are redacted for privacy. They include: - my draft letter to PE (not yet sent) - copies of my 3 DR+ letters - the only notifications I have received - the photo evidence from the car park camera - the email "reply" I received to my PE appeal (albeit late because I was denied the appeal window). Simply tells me they are forwarding my personal details to DR+ - I can't seem to access my appeal notes to PE in their online portal, but it spelled out that I'm an authorised patron of that parking space
  6. Hi - thanks for the speedy response! I moved 1 months ago, but doubt that's the problem. DR+ have had NO PROBLEM finding me. It is the Holiday Inn Chain, so worth a letter to the area manager. Much appreciated
  7. Hi all - this doesn't seem to be a common problem, so any advice would be appreciated. The first I knew of a parking notice (PCN) was a threatening letter from Debt Recovery Plus. It implies they are a debt collector, but they are simply used by Parking Eye to leverage muscle and try to frighten people. I never got any letter from ParkingEye: not the initial PCN, nor a Keeper Liability Notice, nor a Final reminder. Nope! Straight to DR+ nasty letter an astonishing 76 days after the reported event. (ironically all their post arrives successfully). This has meant 1) I am outside the appeal window (and ParkingEye have confirmed I can go jump) 2) I therefore have no verification number to go to POPLA appeal. I would consider conceding as life is too short except I am an authorised user of this parking space. It is simply that on that day, I forgot to log my registration at Hotel Reception. Normally - a PCN is issued and my work collegues simply pop across to the hotel who cancel it with ParkingEye in the first few days after issue. The Hotel in question won't action my DR+ letter as they say that their contract is with ParkingEye AND (wrongly) that it is at the court stage. It is, of course, not at the court stage because these silly letters from these Debt Agencies are designed to mislead and obfuscate the facts. Has anyone had a similar experience and success appealing through some route or other? I will be ever grateful they want to mug me unfairly for £170 because they failed to get me a timely PCN.
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