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  1. Which details per se? It does give the loan amts, interest and repayments?
  2. Thanks, I did have a read of this before and couldn’t say anything relating to the 1/3. Trying to not have a breakdown at the moment so it’s all a bit of a mind bender.
  3. Thanks Dx. Are you sure on the 1/3 payment part. I’ve looked on citizens advice/StepChange and many others websites and can’t see a mention of this relating to Lbl/BOS loans
  4. Morning, just a quick update, stamped copy of each BOS, stamps do show registered within 7 days. BOS1.pdf BOS2.pdf
  5. What is it about the BOS as such. Obviously will know more when they eventually send stamped copy, if they have one! What does that mean for me if it is not reg properly or incorrect format?
  6. No never had any contact from court bailiffs. I have submitted a further complaint to them with regards to irresponsible lending. I have cited that upon taking both loans out they only looked at three months bank statements each time. One statement showed a failed payment to another credit company. Had further due diligence been done they would have seen that at the time I was surviving on credit and had several defaults. I will also add to it the charges as you mention. In the above table would you say the bailiff costs, recovery admin and late
  7. This morning I have received a ‘breakdown’ of the fees however it does not show how much has already been paid in respect of bailiff fees and recovery admin fees. I have asked for this to be clarified as I think it is hidden within the other payments. Still no BOS after two or three requests. 1 Due Paid Balance Principal £556.74 £183.51 £373.23 Interest to
  8. So that ‘BOS’ is just my copy of the stuff that was signed on the day. Obviously the copy’s they took were fully signed. Still no word on when I’ll get the info I have requested (stamped BOS etc)
  9. Attached. Sorry about the delay. The first few pages seem to have gone out of sync when uploading. Sorry about that. As yet no reply from the company to advise of how much the arrears are to release the vehicle. edit: this is the second load agreement can’t seem to find the first I think it may still be in the car... I imagine it will be pretty identical though except it was £500 convert-jpg-to-pdf.net_2019-10-17_22-19-27_2-compressed.pdf
  10. The complaint is about both, I asked for the bill of sale on Tuesday alongside a breakdown of what has been paid and their charges. Then asked for a full SAR yesterday which they said they would send to me in due course. I have copies of the agreements I signed on the day but not the bos this was never supplied. With regards to a previous message about overvaluing the vehicle, the loans were only about £1000 or just over between the two of them, however this would put the fees well over the cost of the vehicle when factoring interest rates, which figures should I be looking
  11. Thanks for this. Would this suggest that the repo fees I’ve paid so far are unreasonable, and should actually count towards the repayments towards the loan? Little bit lost with everything and the stress at the moment. Sorry if I’m coming across as a bit dim, just trying to work out options and not beat myself up for my stupidity.
  12. Ok well thanks for the help it is appreciate. It’s Car Cash Point. Will press on with the FOS hopefully can salvage something from the situation.
  13. Parked round the corner from my house (only on street parking where I live and nowhere to lock it up). I have asked if he was supplied with a copy of the default and BOS but radio silence now.
  14. Quick update, woke up to a text from the repo guy that threatened police sent at about 5:30am informing me the vehicle had been taken and to contact CCP to arrange payment to get it back within 14 days. When he called me on Monday he did say I had until the end of the week to sort it, hence furthering my complaint to the FOS and requesting they pause action until a satisfactory compromise had been reached. Not to sure where I stand now, or what leg I have to stand on!
  15. Thanks so much for the replies. I am a bit lost at the moment with regards to what has been paid and what is outstanding. Having to pay for the repossession twice confused things a bit for me as to what has been paid towards the loan and what has gone to the repo company. I have requested a breakdown of what has been paid and what is outstanding, alongside a copy of the bill of sale. I haven’t made a payment for a while but I have sent them a message this evening advising I have been in touch with the FOS and a brief outline of my points. I have a
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