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  1. I agree, this would be the simplest way forward. But I cant put my hands on the copy of the BR order with the breakdown on so it would mean contacting the court and requesting a copy at a cost, so thought this way would get to the same place minus the cost.
  2. Thats correct. I moved about 2 years post BR and so the original creditor would have been contacted by Receiver but Lantern look to be trying to resume a collection maybe having purchased the debt? My email address, which is how they contacted me, has remained the same.
  3. Thankyou kindly to you both. Could i just check for my sanity please; once I have sent the letter if they have tried to be sneaky and backdoor CCJ or something then any action they have in process they should cease immediately? Just worried as they will get the right address as of tomorrow.
  4. I very recently received emails from Lantern about a payday loan taken out in Feb/March 2008. The email refered to the fact I had been looking at Bankruptcy options and they referred to our 'recent communication'. I was declared Bankrupt in July 2008 and this was part of that. That said, they sent me the email out the blue and after reading the content of the forums here I decided to send them the 'prove it letter'. At this point I only replied via email and did not give my most current address, which has changed since 12 years ago! The email was from the 11th September. I replied on 11th September with the prove it. They then sent me the credit agreement on the 9th October, some 28 or so days later - I guess they ignored DPA and all that. I replied same day via email with the statute barred letter. I got an instant replay saying that they hadnt heard back from me and needed me to reply. I replied again with the statute barred letter. They have since replied to that email with a request to provide details in order to comply with the DPA - name, address, DOB, email. I have printed the Statute barred letter, included my up to date address and sent it recorded delivery. Is there anything else I should be doing? SAR request? I have definitely not been in touch with them for 6+ years so its absolutely statute barred. I could send them the details fo the bankruptcy but I get the feeling they will be difficult about that - I cant find my copy of the order so I would probably have to obtain a new one and pay - I'm guessing they would be difficult about just giving the reference and date and court and sending them a letter getting them to get in touch with the receiver, so I think im better with statute barred for now? Any help or advice greatly appreciated.
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