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  1. Hi, I think they've been using the wrong address all along. They even admitted the address they used was the nearest 'match' on their trace system.. I think it was a typing error somewherere along the line.. he has a lease car, and his driving licence is up to date. Many thanks,
  2. Hi, Advice needed please, and gratefully received. My son received the above letter that was addressed to him at the wrong address from Whyte & Co. Enforcement Services on behalf of Croydon Council during Xmas week 2020 (someone had handrwritten the correct address on the incorrectly typed letter and posted it through out letter box). It's a 51J penalty charge which occurred on 2nd Jan 2020 - yes, over a year ago. Issued by Northampton County Court. This was the first time any correspondence had come to the house. I have contacted Whyte on his behalf (be email only) to let them know he won't be paying them anything as it is 'out of time', incorrectly addressed, and to refer it back to their Client for review. They refused to refer it back to Croydon Council and are insistent they will enforce the order even though I have contacted the Council directly myself. I understand there is a witness statement Form PE2 that he can fill in to have this put aside. I've also read online that alot of these fail because they're not filled in correctly. I'd really appreciate any help with completing this accurately Many thanks again.. form-pe2-eng.doc
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