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  1. Well, folks, the lovely people at Gallstones have sent me a response stating they note the content of my letter but 'your representations do not amount to a defence.' Also accompanied with the usual guff of imminent court proceedings and 14 days to pay etc. That was 12 days ago by the date on the letter. (I work away from home). Next move?? Thanks in advance TGS
  2. Sorry folks, forgot to ask ... ... am I putting my name at the bottom of these letters before they're sent??
  3. Good call LFI I've deleted the part in question and gone with Trustpilot reviews. You're spot on; they're bloody awful! Gladstones Solicitors5.pdf
  4. Thanks for your input FTMD I love unearthing stuff like this. I could really go to town with a bit more time. Often good when you discover their home address. Send em a shot from Streetview. Gladstones' accounts BTW: Screenshot 2021-09-09 at 13.09.13 2.pdf
  5. Thanks for the response FTMD Good spot. It should be 'claim' not court. Thank you. I did some research on Gladstones. It would appear Willy Wonka resigned back in 2018. John Llewellyn Gladstone Davies is also a Director of company called Broadly Vertical, as well as a couple of others. I've alluded to it in the tweaked version, which I'll post up prior to sending. Also, lots of info about Johnny Boy on the internet ... Will also post up LBC Gladstone's letter in a few mins Exposing the scams of the IAS, the IPC, and Gladstones, all run by William Hurley & John Davies FORUMS.MONEYSAVINGEXPERT.COM Please excuse me as I know that much of the information that follows is common knowledge, but I thought I'd try to bring it all together under one thread and hopefully it will help to illustrate and expose the **** that are...
  6. Hi all Well, almost two years after this whole debate started, I've now been sent a Letter Before Claim from Gladstones, asking me to pay £170. Is this the time to respond? Thanks in advance TGS
  7. Evening all Received another letter from Trace a few days ago - see attachment I take it I still sit on this one and wait for the 'letter before action'? How are you other guy getting on? Squirlyline?? Looking forward to an update! TGS 2020-02-24 18-48.pdf
  8. Afternoon all Just received my 'FINAL DEMAND' letter from the lovely peeps at TRACE. As of yet, I've contacted no one, not even acknowledging their PCN. Do I just sit tight from here?? Am tempted to wallop them with Aldridge Boy's account but fear this may backfire. Any advice is appreciated!
  9. What's the latest, Squirlyline? I've just received a 'FINAL DEMAND' from TRACE. Have you contacted them?? Just wondering if we should assault from both flanks with the detection of their ganja-smoking photographer?
  10. What's the latest with your case, Squirlyline? I've just received my first letter from TRACE.
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