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  1. Envelope? I haven’t had a letter through yet so i don’t know - will get back to you once i know what it looks like
  2. As much as I would love to ignore the letters, what’s the resource your getting this information from that it will be okay if I just leave it ?
  3. I was caught shoplifting today at Superdrug they came to get me and they sat me down, took a photo of me and said I was banned from all Superdrug stores and savers stores. they wanted my national insurance number which I couldn’t give them because I don’t know it they also said I would be fined and a letter would be sent confirming this. I have been told different things about this; that it will/will not be on my record for long that I will have to / can ignore all letters addressed to me from them help?? it was an eyeliner - less than £10 in vaue
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