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  1. Here is a link to Gymetc's terms and conditions and I am still none the wiser to why my termination. https://www.gymetc.co.uk/terms-and-conditions https://www.gymetc.co.uk/ My membership must run until February 2019 as stipulated on my Direct Debit Agreement with Harland's (email details included in the terms and conditions link. The manager at Orrell left a voice-mail stating I will get a refund but as to how much? I have no idea. I am currently unemployed due to my ill health and currently pay 19.99 GBP per month (one of the cheapest gyms within my vicinity)
  2. Dear all, I have nothing other than a voicemail from the Manager saying they have had quote "lots of complaints" about me to head-office yet they still are refusing to give me an answer and I still have no idea what I have done to offend (if anything). This happened at my last gym after almost two years of bullying and creating false allegations about what I was supposed to have done (everything from taking up too much space in the Ladies changing room to pouring water over myself in the sauna ((which never happened)).. This cannot be allowed to happen a second time. It is very obvious to me and other gym members with whom I still have contact, that this is something personally aimed at me for whatever reason. I have not broken one of the gym rules, having gone through the ettiquete with a fine toothed comb... I am busy with a no win-no fee solicitor right now. I have Asperger's and I am certain this classed as discrimination. All I want is to be able to train in quiet, leave me the hell alone to body-build and do nothing to demand attention and this is how I get treated?
  3. Hi this is a review about Gymetc, Orrell. I have been attending this gym for quite some time and have found it helps immensely with my mental health and wellbeing. Just yesterday, I was suspended from this gym without any notice of explanation as to why. Gossip has circulated and apparently I have offended somone in the changing rooms because I have been seen naked. The changing room has only 2 modesty rooms and this is unavoidable. Managers, Leonie (Orrell branch) and Richard Area Manager (Leyland Branch) have not gave me a lawful and binding reason for the suspension. I was threatened by staff that they had been ordered to call the Police if I am found on the premises even though my membership is still active and they have yet to reimburse me. I have tried to contact various managers all over the country regarding this issue and have been 'fobbed off'. Furthermore the staff have been very rude to me and have expressed their dislike of me verbally and in front of other members of the gym. Gymetc does not appear to have a complaints procedure and I am struggling to fight my corner and feel very frustrated and discriminated against. Can you please explain how a make a complaint. Thank you, .
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