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  1. Unfortunately I also entered a contract with them. And as many others were totally mislead. I am hundreds of pounds out of pocket and decided to cut my losses as in July and switched to another provider. Besides the fact that Future Comms never paid me promised termination fee and did not pay all discounts, therefore breached the contract first, now O2 pursuing me for £3006.50 via debt collection agency. What I cannot understand is: when I wrote to O2 about my problems with Future Comms they were saying that they are only service providers and my contract is with Future Comms and hence they cannot help. However, now they are pursuing me for breach of contract I assume. I started complaining to the Future Comms very early on the day and mentioned Misrepresentation Act 1967, but they never replied to me. O2 sent me a letter of deadlock and advised that I could take my case to obdustman if I wish, which I have done, but the obdustman responded as they cannot take this case on, as I do not have contract with O2, but with Future Comms. My question is: how it' s possible that O2 demands payments for early termination, but when I am complaining neither them or the ombudsmen care to answer my complaint for the reason that I do not have a contract with them. Also, did anyone actually established is it legal to tie up individual for 3 years contract? As I am actually an individual, not a business, because my company is dormant company, in fact I trade as sole trader. I spoke with Trading Standards and Ofcom and there are many complaints about the Future Comms and a lot of bad reviews about them, but in my opinion O2 is also in the game, no?
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