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  1. Hi everyone, Recently I sent a device to music magpie to sell (iPhone XS Max). I always put a screen protector on as soon as I unwrap my device. When I sent it to them they took ages to process the device (almost 2 weeks) so in the end after a number of conversations where they guaranteed to pay me by a certain date they sent the device back but had put a massive scratch on the screen (probably due to some of the heated conversations and my everyday persistence in trying to get this matter solved). Luckily I had taken a full ‘inventory’ of the device including close ups before sending the device in. I contacted the complaints department where I was told that the device had not been ‘graded’ and therefore it had not been handled at all. However I went on chat and a representative confirmed the device had been checked as there was a note saying no Mobile device management was found. Eventually Pete (the representative dealing with the complaint) said because I had a screen protector on the device it probably masked the scratches (which is a load of rubbish because I had close ups on the screen) and they would not compensate me (I asked for the cost to get the screen replaced my Apple). I am planning on taking this to small claims however since I have never done this before I was wondering if anyone could give me any advice.
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