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  1. hmmm maybe that is an option, i will keep you posted thanks
  2. yh im at a dead end now just wish there was another route i could take but i dont think there is any, my word against his so..... im gutted to be honest
  3. he told me full scope was for domsetic level and high voltage level
  4. wow... i knew of 4 but thats just a joke i was doing some research on being colourblind in the electrics trade, doesnt look to good according to google Electrical Apprentices Need To Pass A Colour Blindness Test If you are looking to register on an apprenticeship scheme there is a colour blindness test that you must pass in order to proceed. This does not apply however, if you are self-funding your training and simply taking your Tech Certs such as the C&G 2365 courses or training as a domestic installer
  5. no i wont rush into it, kinda how i got here in the first place
  6. he was sat on my sofa next to me when i told him i think im colour blind (the reason i say think is because when i was younger i had a eye test at school and they were the ones who told me about it, but im gunna get a proper test done next week) he was also sat on my sofa next to me when my daughter came into the living room and started to give me the answers even my other half started to get involved at no point did he say to me that i had to do the test alone, looking back now we sorted through everything we needed to and that test was the very last thing i did before
  7. this is what lead me to come here in truth, all the bad reviews on the internet... i was not happy with my current employers which lead me to signing up to this course, hoping ill have a job id be happy with at the end of the course the story he told me about limited spaces and he needs to make sure i was the right choice for the placement seems to be the story that everyone gets to be honest, almost like forcing me into signing up to it or i will miss out i think the so called finance check he done was terrible too, he didnt take all of my outgo
  8. thank you for all of your advice, you've been very helpfull monday morning i will call the nvq people to check if being colourblind affects me being an electirician if they say yes, that i could not become an electrician, would i have a leg to stand on? the problem is proving that i failed that test he gave me feel like im going round in circles, basically being robbed of 7600 pound and theres nothing i can do about it
  9. could i call the finance company themselves and explain what has happened? or is that no use either? maybe ill get the eye test done so i have proof, its not hard for me to get my doctors proof of being on medication at that time either i feel like ive been robbed, i just wish i never went through with it now
  10. ok so the paper work here is from what the salesman left for me this paper work is what i received via post about a week later agreement.pdf
  11. ok so the colour blind test i had done, the sales person took it with him i have no copy of it. yes i did sign the loan agreement sadly, rushing into it, i thought it was for the finance for new trades career, not a loan as for the agreement for the course i do have that but i cant show the front of it because all my personal details are on it and yes if i had to take it to a small claims court i would happily do that what if i had medical proof at the time i signed the contract that i wasnt in a fit state of mind to sign any contract ma
  12. the caledonian paperwork is what i received through the post Scan 5 Oct 2019.pdf
  13. bankfodder i havent got a clue how to post images up on a multipage otherwise i would post them andyorch, that link just takes me to there website or am i missing something?? thanks
  14. would it be better to take this up with a financial obudsman? i dont even want them to refund my money, i just want to stop the course as i feel ive been lied to and slightly mislead im gutted
  15. the test i half filled out was a colour blind test, i could only do around 8 out of 20 i think which is when i advised him that when i was younger, i wad told i was colour blind with red and brown but the advisor told me not to worry about it because it was for the old wiring system, this was posted this was posted this was posted
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