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  1. The issues with the car are just items need to get an mot, main one being emissions, which i think is down to injectors at a cost of 1100, back box, steering rack, brakes not working, wheel bearings..
  2. hi, sorry, i paid 200 deposit the day of looking at the car, told it would be ready 1 week later, told to pay the balance 2600 ( all by bank transfer) one week later for delivery the next day, no car turned up, told it broken down, at that point car had still not had an MOT, looking at todays info online, told it has had issue after issue and promised delivery after delivery, but no closer today than a month ago, they are unable/unwilling to tell me what the problem is or when it could be sorted, i sold my last car the day i was meant to get this one, so i am still car less...
  3. hi, MIDLAND SPORTS AND PRESTIGE Used Cars Burton-On-Trent, East Midlands | Midlands Sports and Prestige WWW.MIDLANDSSPORTSANDPRESTIGE.CO.UK Used cars for sale in Burton-On-Trent, East Midlands from Midlands Sports and Prestige. Visit our showroom or give one of our knowledgeable staff a... they are 1 hour away from me.. paid a deposit, told would be a week, then told to pay rest ( bank transfer) for delivery the next day, nearly 4 weeks later car still has no mot and a long list of issues on gov site today...
  4. Hi, I went to look at a used car from a dealer, had one problem that would get sorted before delivery, I payed a deposit , said have it in 7 days to service/mot etc, then told to pay balance day before delivery, 31/2 weeks after I should have hadf it, still waiting for the car as had lots of issues to be fixedand still waiting.. What to do next..
  5. latest update, DCBL, final notice of debt recovery letter.. they recommend to there client to start legal action.. when will it all stop..lol
  6. will keep you posted on any events, but groups like this are of great help to people if they read this story...
  7. Hi, it say a final reminder and iam now at risk of legal action... all this from doing a uturn outside a carpark...lol
  8. just an update, have a letter now from dcbl asking for £170 and i can no longer argue my point..
  9. still on-going, i now have a letter "referral for legal action'' so if i dont pay they will go back to parking eye and tell them to refer..?
  10. Hi all, update on this, now gone to debt recovery plus and they want £170, not sure what to do next?
  11. Hi, any thoughts on this would be greatful, will send tomorrow i think.. letter_15th_oct.pdf
  12. The car did a few u turns, and stopped outside the car park for a while too on some of them.
  13. LETTER BEFORE COUNTY COURT CLAIM is dated 1st october, vehicle was parked outside from time to time, but never went past the barriers..
  14. hi, did a few while in the area, did stop a for a while on each and i guess thats what did it..
  15. i guess what i really want to know is, what is the worst that can happen if i dont pay, is it worth the stress.? doing a u turn a few times in a street and you get a ticket..
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