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  1. Thanks Will Goodfellow. Looking back through my correspondence with the court I probably could have been a lot more detailed on how I misunderstood the procedure. The case has been deferred, so I have an opportunity to respond. I'm hoping that if there was more detail on the actual consent order, other than just 'The claim has been settled', as well as a detailed statement from myself step by step on how it led to a misunderstanding, the judge may take that into consideration.
  2. I honestly received no such letter and I've never accessed the MCOL website. I've never even heard of it until now.
  3. All well and good now, but as I say, I was not made aware of any of this. The courts should have told me that as the defendant I could not submit the consent form. VCS should have been aware of this also. And, as mentioned previously, at no point was I amde aware of an N9a form! Can I ask VCS to submit the consent form now instead? With better wording to explain to the judge the mistake of themselves? I find it hard to believe how the legal system can disregard a claimant owning up to a mistake which has led to an unjustified judgement on the
  4. No, I read the letter from the court which stated 'If the payments are not what you offered, you should write at once pointing this out'. As you say, this case is a ticking time bomb, so rather than writing a letter, I called the court instead. I negotiated with the claimant an agreed amount of £70. Perhaps I would have paid the extra £30 to settle the dispute had I not read that part in the letter from the court. But upon reading it, I followed what I thought to be the correct procedure. And why does it make a difference who consent order? The order was signed and ack
  5. Thanks for your feedback on this BankFodder! I was under the impression that I was asking VSC to have my judgement set aside by requesting the consent order? And upon receiving it, I paid the £100 court fee to process it and remove the CCJ? What wording would I require from VCS on the consent order to have this removed? The guy i'm speaking to at VCS is quite sympathetic, so if I know the correct wording, I can request it to be put on the consent order. I've attached the consent order from VCS for your reference. Is it that VCS have only put...
  6. Is that not a very harsh judgement on someone who thought they were following the correct process but obviously misunderstood? It's clear that I wasn't trying to get away with the fine or I would not have made contact and given the claimant my mobile number. and now, as a consequence, I face losing my job as I work in financial services. Do judges show no compassion or sympathy towards certain circumstances? On what grounds exactly is this judgement fair?
  7. Hello, In September 2018, a County Court Judgement was set against me for an unpaid PCN from Vehicle Control Services. Although I was aware of the claim request from the court in September and I had attempted to settle the claim with VCS within the 30 day window, VCS had failed to call me back after emailing them my mobile number to call me to take payment. The back story to this is that I called VCS to dispute the claim. The agreement was that I would pay £70 instead of the original £100 as requested by the Court letter. Although VCS had an
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