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    So I’ve kind of given up on zavvi CEO as he’s dragging his heals,doesn’t reply when he says he will (I have to email saying why haven’t you replied) says he’s passed it to certain departments,anyway today I’ve done a changeback with the bank but unfortunately couldn’t record the call as I don’t have the means to but I am expecting zavvi to dispute it I will keep you updated thanks
  2. Babe ruth


    Thank you both for the replies, glad I found this forum. i’ll hold off with the bank until tomorrow as I’ve managed to find and contact the CEO of the hut group and the CEO of DPD who are working to resolve this the guy at the hut Group have said they are trying to resolve this by tomorrow at the latest I think it’s fair to give them the chance, I will let you know the outcome thanks for your replies
  3. Babe ruth


    Hi,I paid with my debit card and yesterday I asked in branch if I could start the process of claiming it back but was told I couldn’t as it was a dispute between me and DPD and Zavvi and not a bank problem thanks
  4. Babe ruth


    Hi,bit of a long one i bought an item at zavvi.com and received it damaged so had to return it. zavvi arranged a courier (DPD) to collect it. DPD turned up, only knocked once and by the time I got to the door he had put a “sorry I missed you” card through. i shouted him back and he took the item but couldn’t give me a tracking no.as he’d already logged it as no one in. thankfully I got him to sign the card he put through, the courier have lost the item and zavvi are refusing to give me a refund as I cannot supply a tracking no. yet I’ve told them I have drivers signature Where do I stand ? Thanks
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