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  1. I have had a complete nightmare Wickes installation that isn't over yet. As a busy working Mum I went to Wickes as they said it would be complete in 1 week. We are at 12 and counting. They flooded my kitchen and the ceiling has still not been repaired. I have photos of everything that has gone wrong so far. I have attached details of what has happened to date. They have offered me £150 compensation which is a joke. I think the next step is to take them to the small claims court but wanted to ask for advice here. I know the furniture ombudsmen will not help as I have read reviews - I have read that they are paid for by the companies that we complain about including Wickes and I don't trust them. This installation has caused me huge amounts of stress at a really time and I wish I could go back and make a different decision. Wickes bathroom V2.docx
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