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  1. No no she has not received anything... She is just worried.
  2. She didn't receive any letter yet... This road headed to taxi rank for drop off and pick up.
  3. Hello This is the place. After passing this there is taxi drop off area or taxi rank. She stopped two min. there. Earlier it was handled by east midland trains now emr. Other than this no idea. Or no parking company name. Thanks
  4. Thanks I thought someone who has gone through similar experience can tell.
  5. Its sheffield station. N sign says no entry other than taxis n cycle.
  6. One more question how many days they have to issue ticket ? Specially if bylaws apply?
  7. She has not received any ticket yet. This happened in railway station where forecourt of station only meant for taxi drop off and pick up.
  8. My friend three weeks back by mistake drop off her family in taxi drop off area. It's not meant for private cars. Later she saw the sign only for taxis and cycle. Enfocement in operation. In this case any idea what happen? Anyone gone through the similar experience. Thanks
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