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  1. Really sad. In terms of this:- " The betting you could do would be to get information about other people who have experienced the same problems – especially recently and then you might have the basis for some kind of court case. You still haven't posted any links to other people with experiences. This makes me feel you are having difficulty discovering them. " Yep, I am stuck on how to reach out to people with similiar experiences. I will google around more intensively though.
  2. Trading Standards is a pretty much useless institution. Everyone seem to think there is a general air of lousiness around the whole institution. I plan to write to my MP. Hopefully that shouldnt turn out to be another useless exercise as they all seem preoccuppied with Brexit. I couldnt find the link to the BBC Watchdog programme
  3. I know but there is no harm trying. lol. If the two founders on this site didnt persist with their campaign we wouldnt have this wonderful site. You are right about it being difficult. Sadly I am not a big Facebook user, but I will register and join. It might have the audience figures suitable enough to generate enough interest. "It doesn't work in this country. " It is really sad. No wonder customer service in those countries seem to be much better than what we have here. UK laws are somewhat primitive in some areas
  4. There seems to a wave of fraudulent activities concerning Argos in which members of the public buy high-value items, swap this with cheaper items, return these to Argos after which Argos resells these items without carrying out due checks to make sure what they are selling is what people paid for. ttps://www.lep.co.uk/news/crime/three-arrested-in-20-000-online-argos-fraud-probe-1-6424935 I am of the opinion that Argos is fully away of the fact that some of what it ships out might be returned items whose contents might not be what it should be. And I am also of th
  5. Yes. I realised just after I posted the complaint. The Home Retail Group is the evil entity here and one of its minions, Home Retail Group Card Services is the entity that offers Argos Cards; and the entity I have to deal with. Even the letters these folks send to me are all confusing, with different entities quoting each other's addresses, randomly it seems. My response letter came from a Home Retail Group Card Services staff with the attached response barring the Argos Financial Services branding and logo. I am wee bit confused and sorrowful and sadly, looking at a bill for £599 for
  6. This is the extract of my formelylodged complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service. Sadly they have candidly informed me that they are seeing a high number of complaints at the moment. I shudder at the thought that a large majority of these complaints might be related to mine. It is mind-bungling, your complaint tell us about your complaint - what happened? I recently hired a carpet cleaner, from DSS, to wash the carpets at my home. I have attached the receipts for you to see. After washing my carpets, I tried to vacuum it, without realising
  7. Hey Sorry for the late reply. Brilliant advice. Brilliant. My views are similar to yours. Thanks for clarifying them even further. I have done a brief search, and I have found one related link so far, and I have looked at listings on this site too, of people with issues with Argos, I have not found one that matches mine, sadly. I haven't looked extensively though; I will. I am doing as you advised, i.e making a formal complaint, keeping communication trails, collecting info, for the Financial Ombudsman to build up my case. I know, that l
  8. Oh dear. I knew it I google briefly and came up with this https://www.lep.co.uk/news/crime/three-arrested-in-20-000-online-argos-fraud-probe-1-6424935 I somehow believe that Argos is FULLY AWARE OF THIS and they are just using the weight to deny it to those that have fallen victims to this. Why in the world should Argos expect anyone buying sometihng from them to feel like it is a lottery? i.e Is the right item in the packaging Has the item being opened before and used? Has the item been damaged etc Good to hear you got the
  9. Thanks for the advice. Googling brought up this about Section 75 reclaims:- " Section 75 covers "consequential losses", as well as the cost of what you bought. This covers any costs caused by the problem with your purchase. For example, if you bought tickets for an event that got cancelled, you may be able to claim back your travel and hotel costs from your credit card company2. Sounds like it does cover my really sad circumstances.
  10. I placed an online order with Argos on the 18th Of September 2019. This was for a Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner. The item I bought came in a box with a Dyson branded cardbaord packaging, however, the Vacuum Cleaner that was inside the box, was certainly not what I ordered, and it was certainly not even a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner. It was a Russel Hobbs Vacuum Cleaner costing less than £40. A Vacuum Cleaner brand which Argos does not even stock. The packaging, when I removed the brown box it came with, looked like it had been previously opened.
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