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  1. Ah okay, Definatly agree with you dx100uk about running before I can walk! I have the pictures of the site and of their signs! So if they do try and change them before court case I will know!
  2. Thank you all. The response and reassurance is great!!! I had to look up what de-minimis a trifle meant!! Haha. Also, I've been reading someone else court case against PPS. The machine didn't register her pressing the first digit of her Reg No....So similar to mine. But in her defence, she attack PPS for not having planning permission for the use of APNR camera or advertisement permission for the use of signs. Do you think this is an argument I should alo look into for my claim. I'm just trying to start to compile a defence now, so it done and ready for
  3. Okay thanks, just a waiting game for the barrage of letters from debt collection agency and solicitors to start
  4. So do you think I should send PPS an email saying something along the lines of that I’m disappointed at IAS rejection although not surprise after reasearching the organization. I disagree with the anonymous adjudication, as such, will be presenting my case in front of a Judge should PPS decided to take that route.
  5. I agree with everything you all say. But what are my legal arguments. The facts are I paid for parking and displayed my ticket. I did not over stay for the time paid for. I made all reasonably endeavors to comply with PPS T&C's. Poor use of language on signs by using the word "WHEN" led ambiguous meaning and not outlining the mandatory need for Reg No. even when using a P&D machine. I followed the LCD instructions on and at no time was I asked to provide a Reg No. Would that be enough or do I have to
  6. The ticket shows PP where the registration number should be. I only found out recently that’s where the Reg number should be. I thought it was short for PPS the company running the machine. Safari_-_2_Oct_2019_at_14:57.pdf
  7. This picture PPS used in the IAS appeal will hurt my defence. I read there T&C and then just followed the LCD instructions and didn't notice the confusing hieroglyphic above the display. But the machine never asked for a VRN, and printed a ticket for display!! Surely their ANPR highlights tickets that are bought that don't relate to Reg Numbers of cars using the site?
  8. Yes I still have the P&D ticket. They are arguing that because I never provided a VRN that my ticket is invalid. I agree with you, I paid, and have a ticket which is why I want to go to court. If the judge states that I broke there T&C and owe them £100, then ill pay it. I just feel like im being scammed. I mean that they haven't suffered any loss like you said and they are being unreasonable as I can proved I've paid so where's the issue!
  9. Hey Florence9


    Im currently fighting a PCN from PPS, very similar to your case and would be very interested if you could provide me with your defence and any other help you can give me to fight the PPS [problematic]


    Thank you in advance!!

  10. I have since been back to do that and the machine does ask for registration details, but if you put in 2 letters it will let you proceed to the next step. The only thing I can think that happened is that someone had put in 2 letter of their VRN before me, couldn't remember the whole thing and left, and I arrived before the machine had time to reset and I just put the time in and paid for my ticket and know were in this mess.
  11. Hi all, Ive recently received a PCN from PPS for Bovisand Park in Devon. I appealed to PPS as I had paid and had the P&D Ticket but was declined due to not providing a VRN on their P&D machine. I followed this up with an appeal to IAS (before I read these forums). Mainly stating that their P&D machine never asked for a VRN and provided me with a ticket which I have shown to PPS. Also pointing out that there T&C state "when paying by phone or when required to enter correct and accurate details" and that the P&D machine never ask for a VRN so that d
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