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  1. So I’ve given them 3 weeks and heard nothing . What is the next step please ?
  2. How long shall I give these comedians to respond ?
  3. Cheers I’ll do that and report back
  4. Phone and web chat . Should I email them something specific ?
  5. I’ve asked for this and they refuse they say it’s between me and the seller . Is there something legal I can quite them? I paid for it with a credit card as far as I remember They claim they have no record of what house if went to ... madness
  6. On 16th sept I went on holiday , on 27 sept I got back . I had been expecting a parcel value approx £30, no card had been left . I contacted the seller(in China ) , they said it had been delivered by yodel . ( on 14th sept a day I had been in !!) ive contacted yodel , they said it was left with a neighbour called Johnathan . I don’t have a neighbour of that name , they can’t provide me with a house number it was delivered to . They claim they have interviewed the driver but he has no recollection of the delivery what can I do ?
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