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  1. Well u lot are a bunch of legends no problem at all with the bank, the £60 should be back in my account by 8pm tonight. I’m happy for the £50 payment that harlands took to stand purely to cover the £12 missed DD and the £25 charge so they’ve made £13 extra just to be done with them. Can anyone send me a template that I can send to harlands please thanks so much guys
  2. That’s a valid point, I’ve been very busy with a teething baby so haven’t had chance to call but will 100% call them tomorrow and update ASAP
  3. The DD amounts I need to reclaim is £60 can someone send me a letter template to send please
  4. Last used the gym around September/October 2018. Membership officially ended 31 December 2018. £50 was taken from my account on that day. And £60 since. thanks so much for your help. Can’t believe I’ve only just seen this thread. Seriously put my mind at ease
  5. Thanks so much is it best to type a letter and print off and send to a postal address or just via email?
  6. Can they take me to court or will they eventually just give up?
  7. I cancelled the DD and within 24 hours I received a email saying another £25 was added to the charges but they would forgo that charge if I set the DD up by the 3/10/19
  8. I’ve just looked through my bank and cannot believe I didn’t do this before! they tried to take the DD £12.79 31/10/18 didn’t go through. They then tried on the 12/11/18 to take £37.79 the £25 charge added. Didn’t go through. then on the 31/12/2018 they did take £50 which effectively should have covered the cost of any outstanding payments. I have since given them a further £60 in 4 DD payments of £15 each from 24/06 to 23/09. I’ve paid them a total of £110. where should I go from here?
  9. To be honest I’m not entirely sure how much I’ve paid I’m going to sit down now and try and figure it all out. and will draft a letter stating how much I’ve already paid. Will reply once I know the figure. many thanks
  10. I’ve seen a lot of threads about this and need some advice in December 2018 I missed a £12 DD payment, it was my final payment in a 12 month contract, I didn’t realise this only to be emailed about 3 months later telling me to contact CRS and that I owed them over £100, I didn’t realise this forum was here and stupidly agreed to pay them £15 a month to cover the cost. I lost my job while pregnant so more of the DD failed and they put a £25 charge on top. Now with all of the interest and fees the total there saying I owe is £212.08. I’ve called them and explained my situation has drastically changed over the past few months since having my baby and my partner being diagnosed with epilepsy and everything that goes with that situation. they have frozen my account for 30 days to see if anything changes and say they can bring the amount down to £184, I said at most I could pay £5 a month which is apparently fine.. but after finding these threads and reading everything that’s said I wish I hadn’t of contacted them, especially since this has stemmed from 1 missed £12 payment it’s extortionate can any one offer any advice as what to do after the 30 days are up. I’m so stressed trying to manage money as it is as well as having a newborn, I don’t know what to do. thanks for any help
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