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  1. Yeah I’d rather not bother happy to let them have that extra just to be done with them
  2. On 30th December 2018 they took a payment of £50 from me which would have covered any outstanding balance for missed gym fees. I have reclaimed £45 back from 3 out of 4 payments. I effectively don’t owe them any money at all as the payment in December would have covered this
  3. So shall I print off and send a actually letter or email? what address is needed to send to?
  4. Well the last amount is £15 I will call them tomorrow to request. Can a letter be drafted before so I can get it sent off ASAP aswell
  5. I was able to reclaim 3 of the 4 payments I made between April 2019 to July 2019 of £45 not sure why the fourth one wasn’t awarded. They’ve acknowledged in the letter that I’ve reclaimed the £45 i just need this over with now
  6. Can anyone help me with a letter to send to them I have ignored there calls they have now sent an email saying I have incurred another £25 charge and owe £282 company is beyond a joke
  7. Well u lot are a bunch of legends no problem at all with the bank, the £60 should be back in my account by 8pm tonight. I’m happy for the £50 payment that harlands took to stand purely to cover the £12 missed DD and the £25 charge so they’ve made £13 extra just to be done with them. Can anyone send me a template that I can send to harlands please thanks so much guys
  8. That’s a valid point, I’ve been very busy with a teething baby so haven’t had chance to call but will 100% call them tomorrow and update ASAP
  9. The DD amounts I need to reclaim is £60 can someone send me a letter template to send please
  10. Last used the gym around September/October 2018. Membership officially ended 31 December 2018. £50 was taken from my account on that day. And £60 since. thanks so much for your help. Can’t believe I’ve only just seen this thread. Seriously put my mind at ease
  11. Thanks so much is it best to type a letter and print off and send to a postal address or just via email?
  12. Can they take me to court or will they eventually just give up?
  13. I cancelled the DD and within 24 hours I received a email saying another £25 was added to the charges but they would forgo that charge if I set the DD up by the 3/10/19
  14. I’ve just looked through my bank and cannot believe I didn’t do this before! they tried to take the DD £12.79 31/10/18 didn’t go through. They then tried on the 12/11/18 to take £37.79 the £25 charge added. Didn’t go through. then on the 31/12/2018 they did take £50 which effectively should have covered the cost of any outstanding payments. I have since given them a further £60 in 4 DD payments of £15 each from 24/06 to 23/09. I’ve paid them a total of £110. where should I go from here?
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