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  1. Yeah sent it off although did some minor editing when referring to the Beavis and Butthead case. Just going to wait for Court case. Evidence I supplied was of an empty car park, even then you must admit that sign is very hard to see. Forgot to mention in my defence, car park was very busy on the day and I'm sure vehicles were parked in front making it even harder to see. Pardon late response, will keep you updated.
  2. Here goes, witness statement I will post to Court and and the claimant before 14th June. On 10 July 2019 I had an appointment with the dentist. I had not been in the area for around 2 years and was totally unaware of the new parking restrictions being a free public car park previously. The road adjacent at the time, was very congested as traffic lights were in operation. Turning right into the car park, I had to wait for pedestrians walking their dogs etc and a gap in the traffic, there were wagons and various heavy plant parked on the path and grass, a sinkhole had appeared further down the street which explained the disruptions. The car park was quite full but my favourite spot was free so reverse parked as usual. I walked straight over the green between the trees to the surgery over the road and did the exact journey in reverse when visit was completed. When I drove out of the car park, which was just as hazardous driving in, did half notice a small blank sign near entrance but presumed it was related to construction as other road signs were close to it. When the PCN arrived about a week later, I couldn't believe it as I never saw any obvious signs. I decided to revisit the scene mainly to scold myself for not being observant. It soon became apparent given the circumstances, anyone else would have done the same as myself and very likely missed the warnings. I decided to take photos. [around 18th July 2019] *The small sign at the entrance was on the day of appointment, obscured by a Construction wagon parked on the prementioned path. *When I turned right again into the car park, another sign was obscured by a large LWB van. [See example photo 1] * The only sign opposite where I parked was tuned 90 degrees, obscured by branches / leaves and directly in line with the angle of a tree making it very difficult to notice. [ see photos 2 and 3] * Although [bar example photo 1] these photos were taken around 18 July 2019, the traffic lights are clearly gone but a workman's sign had been left. [see photo 4] I am very surprised and stressed that this incident has dragged on for so long. If I was not incapacitated through sickness and still working, would counter sue. The claimant has had my photographic evidence since August 2019 but along with an adjudicator, twisted it around by claiming I must have been fully aware of the rules as I took photos of the signs. It implies that I took these photos either before or on the day of my dental appointment, not over a week after the events. Why on Earth would I do that, it would have been a lot quicker and less hassle just to register my details providing I knew the rules. The fact I had permission to park where I did and was considerate towards the elderly and disabled [could have parked right at the door of the surgery] I don't expect any sympathy these days. The Beavis case I have been reminded of so often, highlights this If it can happen, it will. That is what happened to me on 10th July 2019. I drove into a car park and back out again without seeing any warning signs. mt car park.pdf street.pdf van.pdf
  3. Only evidence I can rely on are my photos. That sign I did not see is still angled the wrong way and you might as well look at a razor blade. A LWB van can easily hide other signs as in my case. I did not get a chance to mention the road works going on in the POPLA hearing as I couldn't add any more photos to their website but this will be mentioned in my Court defence as it contributed hugely to me not seeing the sign at the front entrance. I will type out my witness statement exactly how it happened, anyone would have done the same as me and not seen the signs on that particular day. Thanks again for all your contributions.
  4. Case now allocated to small claims track and written statements to be sent to the Court and other parties by 4 pm 14th June. Okay....... then I get an offer [Today] to settle out of Court and just pay the original fine of £85 up until Sunday 29th May. Some may think I am pig headed and I know this offer will favour the claimant in Court but I truly did nothing wrong given the circumstances so have decided to go to Court.
  5. I have written a letter which will be included with the admission from relative to driving the car. It will be posted first class registered tomorrow. Searched other sites and found out you can make an informal appeal to be included with your admission. Not all Police forces do this but there is nothing to lose, thumping a keyboard for 5 minutes and pressing print hasn't been at all stressful.
  6. 2 dimensional photos can be deceiving but believe me when I got done the distance travelled 15 metres per second [38 mph] could be plainly seen. looking at my relatives photos the car has barely moved which makes me want to question it. Is there a new speed gun on the block that can nick you in a second? Why were my photos, 15.03.07, 145.9 metres... 15.03.08 , 130.3 metres... 15.03.09, 115 metres 15.03.09, 110 metres. In both cases the camera graphics, timers, and other scaling are identical but at least I know for definite I was speeding given all that extra information. Will update tomorrow, thank
  7. Relative is going to phone tomorrow to see if there are any more photos. Like I said earlier my evidence for speeding clearly indicated 34 metres in 2 seconds, ie 7,8, and 9 seconds are on the same type of camera evidence. Anyway here is the photos, notice how it looks like 38 just past the 60 mph sign, c'mon we all speed up a bit once we approach that sign ! 1 second evidence..pdf
  8. I know what it's like to be done for speeding but the camera evidence I was given all made sense to me at the time. I had travelled 34-35 metres in 2 seconds and I am aware 38 mph is very close to 17 metres per second so fair cop. A relative has given me access to very similar police website photos but this time I'm scratching my head. 1st photo the car is 147.4 metres away with 24 seconds on the clock [frame 47 I think bottom left] allegedly doing 37 mph. 2nd photo 152 5 metres still 24 seconds on the clock frame 53 allegedly doing 38 mph. 3rd photo still 152.5 metres and still 24 seconds on the clock frame 54 allegedly doing 38 mph. Last photo is number plate but no time stamp like there was in my case. Both mine and relative were clocked by a mobile speed van that crudely hides just as you enter or in my relatives case leave 30 mph zone. Apart from the speed indications of 37 and 38 mph, there is nothing to prove an offence took place, what I note is 147.4 metres and 152.5 metres which indicate 5.1 metres per second, nothing more. Unless the police have more photos can my relative be punished with this evidence? Can I upload a PDF with all the info bar number plate of course.
  9. 2 copies posted, 1 to Northampton court, 1 to Civil enforcement. Will update as of when. Going to post something else now in the speeding department, looking for advice in the case of a relative.
  10. Pleased you asked lookinforinfo , could have sworn i uploaded it in earlier posts. I have stumbled across original PCN which is in the POPLA defence of Civil Enforcement. My short defence statement is also in that PDF and have to admit I was ignorant by not including more information like road works, traffic lights and wagons parked in front of the main blue sign. Thought my appointment and permission to park there would be enough... obviously not! pcn.pdf
  11. Thanks again dx, just a little concerned about which court should handle this. Don't fancy going all the way down to Northampton if push comes to shove. N180 box D1 does give option and my nearest County court is Gateshead. At the moment I'm on the sick so limited on travel.
  12. Just when you begin to think the matter has been dropped, good old CE have waited until the very last moment to inform the Court, they want my arse! As mentioned in previous posts, successful against these [when they turned a £30 parking fine for my daughter into a £600 + bill] thanks to the advice from here. This time unfortunately they aint going to let it drop. I have been looking at other posts and see JackD13 is in the same boat but a couple of weeks ahead of me....... link below. From what I can gather, looks like going down the "Mediation Services" route is being advised to avoid if it regards parking ? If they are anything like POPLA can understand why. Haven't heard anything from CE despite pre typed letters asking for various info. n180.pdf
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