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  1. Hi I didn’t think I could contact Welcome as they had sold it to coast ?
  2. Hi the loan was taken out on 30th September 2005, the last payment I recollect was in 2006 when house was repossessed They say we made a payment in 27/6/2010 for £143 but I have no knowledge of that? Even if we did it should have registered as a default 6 months after that as no payments were showing after that one? Just so fed up
  3. Hi thanks I’m at my wits end, I didn’t give my new address to them or my new number I didn’t think it was worth sending a letter to Welcome as they were not in operation anymore ? Hx
  4. Not sure if anyone has else has had the same issue with Coast Finance incorrectly reporting on welcome loans? I had a secured loan with my ex in 2005, in 2006 we lost our home due to repossession. We moved into rented and heard nothing from Welcome we moved a few times but were never invisible and could have been traced ? Nothing on our credit files until now ! Apparently Coast Finance took over this in 2018 and have taken this long to put it on my file as no payments over 6 months?? This should have been registered as a Default in 2006 by Welcome and would have been off my file now I have spoken to Coast who tell me that Welcomes data was inadequate and inaccurate and that they never reported in the way they were supposed to and that lots of people are in the same boat ?? Coast did not offer to put this right even though they are supposed to if they have taken on the debt? I have written a letter of complaint and have requested a Subject Access report so I can see what they’ve got as I believe it’s not only reported incorrectly but might be statute barred? Any input welcome and before anyone says anything it’s not the loan I’m disputing it’s the incorrect reporting and lack of contact from anyone!! Thanks Helen
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