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  1. I’ve got Barclaycard, I think it’s about £9,000 I owe on that. I think it’s Moorcroft who are after this but not sure. I’ve also got a Barclayloan, that Moorcroft are after. I’m not 100% sure how much, but it’s still ongoing.
  2. I received one today, they’re Debt managers (services) LtD. they say to call them to arrange a repayment plan. But after these, I’m scared stiff. ive been in debt for a while now, and my husband has previously helped. But, after I lost my job, I couldn’t keep up with payments. i now owe Barclays loan, Barclaycard, and FashionWorld. has anyone heard of these? Sorry, I’m just SO scared my husband will find out!
  3. That’s exactly the same as what I was told! Any letters, send to them. stop making any payments, ignore all letters! now, I’ve had an email saying that all mandates have stopped, I’m not getting any reply to emails, etc. im seriously concerned that I’ve been duped in to a bogus company, for people who need advice urgently. I'm now scared stiff, as it’s been a yr when I could’ve sorted it out. Not paying £120/math, thinking everything would be fixed! i feel so stupid!
  4. Just wanted to ask, are Three Lions Chambers, a legit company? I’ve paid for about 8 mths, told to ignore any letters and calls from FashionWorld and Barclays. But then suddenly I’m told all mandates and payments have stopped and I’m getting no reply to any emails I’m doing! im now in trouble, as I’ve got my details sent to a debt management agency! I’m trying my hardest to stop my family knowing, and I feel like I’ve been duped in to sending money to a false company! I know they said that there was a false company, pretending to be them, but how true is it? I’m now scared stiff! I’m worried sick, and feel totally over my head! I’m sinking fast!
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