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  1. For the database record seeing as they are still trading.... companies house activity.pdf change of name.pdf director.pdf
  2. https://www.192.com/atoz/people/al-silawi/sami/gu47/3947270761/ 2013 consenses Samil Al-Silawi lived at the same address as Ahmed Alwaheeb
  3. forming an LLC for multiple businesses in order to protect each investment on its own. Then if “A” is sued, only the assets belonging to LLC “A” are affected. Personal assets are shielded, as well as the assets belonging to B, C, etc. LLC are also able to own other LLC or supply assets to them. Hence, when they refer to 3rd party assets. For example, Crown Motors can supply sell cars to Phev Ltd. Basically a huge Web. Loop hole. And why they can get away with it. Because technically its legal
  4. https://www.legalzoom.com/articles/can-one-llc-have-two-businesses I know this is not UK law. But it helps explain what these guys are doing. The advantage of an LLC is the limited liability it affords its owners. When you run two separate businesses under two separate LLCs, the assets and income of each individual company is also protected from any liability risk which might affect the other company. If you combine two businesses within one LLC, however, the assets and income of each business are no longer isolated from each other, and each is at risk of any legal claims that might be directed against the other. Say you run an editing business using the same LLC that operates your dog walking business, and one of the dogs you're walking gets injured while under your care. It's not just the assets and income of your dog walking business that will be exposed to liability. The assets and income belonging to your editing business will also be exposed to any legal claims which might be filed against your dog walking company as a result of the incident.
  5. Noel Quail sold the car to me. I have met him in person and he has a facebook page that I can confirm is him
  6. Also the Balif mentioned he enforced at Swift lane 2 years ago . Mentioned Sami and EMC car sales
  7. https://surrey-first-cars.pissedconsumer.com/bought-a-car-from-surrey-first-cars-aka-emc-motors-201707241078466.html
  8. Sandhurst bridge cars ltd 7766622 08/09/2011 Dissolved 06/12/2016 Director Marius Sebastian Chirila aka Sami Alsilawi Surrey First Cars Limited 9868174 11/11/2015 Dissolved 03/04/2018 CROWN MOTOR COMPANY (UK) LTD 8677881 Dissolved 15/11/2016 Director Ahmed Alwaheeb Crown Motor Direct Limited Registered 25/01/2016 Ahmed Alwaheeb Active Automative Vehicle Brokers Limited Registered 09/10/2019 Director Christopher Seymour Active Sky Car Centre Limited 11092334 Dissolved 03/12/2019 Director/s Nadjeem Kheloufi, Ali Mohamad Hawatmeh, Omar Shana'a EXTRA INFO Nadjeems statements says that he is the owner of EMC though. Also says "I, Nagy Ziftani" average 2-5 years registered and in the last year of trade a new company is registered before the old company is dissolved Park Road is their accountants address
  9. So there must be 3 registered companies at that address Also notice how they have created email with fca in it again
  10. My thoughts are the other company registered in october 2019 Director Christopher Seymour "Automative Vehicle Brokers Limited" is trading as Great 4 you cars and Mytchett First Cars
  11. According to FCA they are trading as Chobham Central Garage, A.Owen Motor Group, Financial-Conduct-Authority.pdf
  12. They 100% are. You can tell by the dates posted and the repeated reviews and or captions
  13. By Anonymous on 05 May We bought a car from here last year and now feel it is important to warn everyone of this company. After a couple of weeks we found out the car needed major work which Chobham Central took responsibility for and asked us to get it fixed and confirmed they would refund us in full. Without going into details, they paid half but refused to pay the second half meaning we were out of pocket by a large sum of money, so we started court proceedings. What they did next is unbelievable, they forged our signature on a discontinue notice and sent it to the court pretending to be us, basically committing fraud. They know full well due to the high costs and legal fees it would cost to get the case back in the courts it simply isn't worth doing so. When looking at the different review websites you can clearly see that a lot of their reviews seem to be fake giving them a better review score. I have everything in writing to support my statement. https://www.autotrader.co.uk/dealers/woking/chobham-central-garage-10011432 Is there a way for us to find out who this is?
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