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  1. Also I was told that because they are not a member of the MBO the MBO can't do anything. I bought car August last year on invoices it said they were a member and also Emc/Chobham as you quoted my op. When we brought up the MBO after we had issues they sent us email saying they aren't a member. So it looks like they had been false advertising. I also have email from Mikael telling us that EMC are no longer a part of Crown motor Direct. Which is hilarious because in my claim against them Mikael is the correspondence and his argument is that EMC are and were never affiliated with CMD
  2. Hi, I have a spreadsheet I have created on the people who appear to be involved in this group of men. The multiple company names, addresses, directors, reviews. Have you joined our Facebook group?
  3. Please join this group who have all been victims of this group of men. https://www.facebook.com/groups/133249464788808/ Crown Motor Direct Limited, Emc Car Sales, Surrey First Cars, Chobham Central Garage, Automotive Vehicle Brokers Limited, Mikael Shamir, Noel Quail, A.Owen Motor Group, Ahmed Al-Waheeb,Ahmed Alwabeeb,Simon Barnett, Ahmed Silawi, Sammy,Dave Cohen, Christopher Seymour, Gabriel, Nathan
  4. I plan on building an app that might catch this kimd of activity in the future
  5. Thanks BankFodder, I have a one year old but have just finished a software development diploma so i have more time. I have multiple reviews I have saved and links and evidence. The only reason I hadn't given a google review yet is that I am afraid to affect my court claim somehow. Or more so that if they get shut down completely I won't get any money back. I am looking at exposing them big time. But it appears to have been going on for sometime and there is a network of men involved. I had reported it to citizens advice already. I'm also currently reporting acti
  6. They create there own reviews via google etc there are bad reviews but because they do so many false positive ones the real reviews are getting lost
  7. This was something i did on the day I received the email as I had a terrible feeling they were lying. It's not something I can or will use as evidence in court. Just it started the connections for me to research into...
  8. Because I have only just had time to do this properly now it. I will keep adding more of what I have discovered including one of the men already being discoverd on a rogue trader programme
  9. It is a group of men who are registering different companies and trading under multiple names as to avoid liability i assume. The main company name is Crown Motor Direct Limited. The have traded /are trading under: EMC car Sales Chobham Central Garage A.Owen Motor Group Principal place of business Address: Bagshot RoadChobhamWokingSurreyGU24 8BSENGLAND Phone:+44 01276945981 Fax: Email: Website:
  10. I emailed them as they don't seem to answer the phone, I received last response end of january saying they are extremely busy.
  11. currently waiting directions from judge for court claim (since January) MY TIMELINE/CASE
  12. currently waiting directions from judge for court claim (since January) MY TIMELINE/CASE
  13. I have made a claim using cmd company information and the response I got was that they dispute the claim and that 2. 1"Crown motor direct limited is not affiliated, associated, authorised, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected to EMC Car Sales 2.2 we are simply a previous supplier to EMC Car Sales. Customers are relying on wrong information on consumer forums which associate our limited company and EMC car sales. 2.3 we request that the name of the defendent be amended" Signed ironically by Mikael who forgets he corresponded to us personally in an email and con
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