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  1. Hi CAG team, I've sent the email and posted and official letter requesting for the membership cancellation. Direct Debit line has not been reinstated. Let's hope Harlands and Energie Fitness stays off my email and letterbox. I will be holding onto the official documentation.
  2. Thank you, I've informed them of my cancellation and I will wait their reply on payment instructions. One last payment and will cut contact with them.
  3. Hi, I've recently cancelled a direct debit with this gym and requested to cancel my gym membership but had gone through the same ordeal as previous users on this forum. I was persistent enough (having read the forums) to have the staff at the gym terminate my membership on their system. See attached image for proof of documentation. Additionally, I have sent Harlands and the gym an email with the image informing them that gym membership has been terminated. I have been given reassurance that they CANNOT reverse the termination. My question is: 1) Am I still expected to pay that extra 1 month of gym membership? (I was informed this was so, but I requested for an official documentation that states this policy via email without agreeing to pay) 2) Is the screenshot sufficient proof that the membership has been terminated? (date cancelled and time stamp are clearly stated) Many thanks for the help!
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