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  1. IHe has an account with a CRA and it says there it is an category 2 Impersonation warning
  2. Firstly he is fully aware of the card. He uses it not us. He filled in all the details. As he did with his application for Vanquis I have a capital one card myself so that logic doesn't really apply. If I can afford to pay £320 on his bill then I wouldn't be using him to obtain credit. I could simply pay that amount on my card and spend at will. It all seems to stem from this application fron Vanquis. And assuming you were correct which you aren't, if he were taking out a card to help us surely him being aware does not make it fraud. Its would be his choice. To label him a fraudster or attempt to label us as fraudsters is deplorable. The actual truth is a reversal. We had no phone line or broadband in the house. We reached an agreement that if he wanted the broadband then he had to pay to have it all set up and a new phone line installed. He paid for it on his card and was supposed to pay it off but his work wasn't as busy as he hoped and with going to America it was going to leave him short. We agreed to cover the payments on his card until he is in a better position and rather than risk him having negatives on his card we set up payments through their online portal. You have to name the cardholder and provide all the details such as address and postcode. When he applied he told them he was living with his parents so you don't have to be a rocket scientist to work out that we live at the same address and therfore if our names are used for payments there is a good chance we know about it. It's strange that his Vanquis application was the one that triggered the CIFAS warning and within 24 hours of it appearing on his credit file his capital one account is closed. Would that CIFAS warning trigger an automated shutdown of his capital one card? Whilst I understand security and them wanting to prevent fraud, to react to a CIFAS warning in such a way seems very draconian and certainly seems to be a harsh way of dealing with the matter. All they have to do is ask for identification which my son is more thab happy to supply
  3. Okay it goes from bad to worse. My son rang Capital one today who told him the account has been closed as its a fraud account!!!!! Obviously we are absolutely fuming as my lad has never committed fraud at all and been completely honest. They are unable to put us in touch with the fraud investigation team as they only work Monday to Friday. Fraudsters don't work weekends I assume. Anyway we are in a right panic now because he relies heavily on his bank account and is off to the USA in two weeks. The last thing we need is his bank suddenly closing his account whilst he is overseas leaving him stranded with no bank account and all his money in an account that is locked. Secondly and this is where i am fuming. I have just paid £320 towards his bill from my bank. They have taken that payment and now are saying its a fraud account. If that's the case surely I am entitled to ask for that money to be returned to my account. If its a fraud account they likewise have no right to keep a payment for an account which according to them shouldnt exist. I am utterly shocked that a credit card company would take payments on ab account theb claim its fraud. My lad would have to be the dumbest fraudster alive to take out a credit card, then pay off what he owes.. What on earth do we do.
  4. Hi my son has a capital one account which he has maintained for 3 months with no problems. All fine. Two days ago I paid £320 off his balance from my bank using my bank card, via his online account manager Today he went to use his card and it was declined. So thinking the payment hadnt been processed he went to the cash machine to check his balance only for the machine to retain his card. When he got home we tried to log onto his online account manager and found he couldn't log on and they gave him a number to call. We rang the number but that department was closed and he was told to ring back tomorrow morning. Being curious we checked on his credit karma account to see if anything flashed up there and there was a Cifas warning sated yesterday. It was a Mark 2 Impersonation of fraud at current address warning. Application refused. Further check showed it was fron Vanquis bank for a recent application for a Vanquis card I am assuming that because of that Cifas warning capital one has seen a red flag and blocked his account. Now this is where it gets strange because my son did make an application to Vanquis. He is basically being accused of impersonating himself. We are a bit unsure what to do because firstly what will happen to his Capital One account. Has it been closed and if so what happens to the remaining balance he owes. Surely given the fact we paid £320 would be enough to suggest its really him. I wouldbt imagine many fraudsters would actually pay off the debt as opposed to spend it. Secondly, how do we sort out the Cifas warning with Vanquis. They have placed that marker on there. Without even speaking to my son, other than the confirmatory phone call they made as part of his application. Obviously something he said or put in his application has triggered an alarm and that in turn has caused this CIFAS warning. Of course the problem is the warning is wrong. It was him applying Having checked the Web and read up on it it seems these warnings are placed without consulting the person involved so he has a totally wrong warning which would appear to have triggered his capital one card to be blocked Anyone have any ideas what to do to sort it out. Granted its not the worst problem in the world to have and on a positive note shows card companies do take card fraud seriously and they can spot fraudsters. But what do you do when the warning is wrong and actually you did apply.
  5. Indeed. I was happy to be fined and get points if I had been caught speeding. But to lose my license for an offence I knew nothing about didn't seem appropriate justice All good now and you learn by mistakes. Could have been alot more costly but thankfully all came good and I am now able to drive again.
  6. The outcome. Went to court and filed a SD. They asked if I pleaded guilty or not guilty to speeding. Accepted the charge. Three points put on my license and £165 fine. More importantly the six points removed and the £660 fine quashed so no attachment of earnings and I am able to drive now my licensee has been restored. Thanks for the advice and help.
  7. Ever since my son was born we received Tax credits. Every year without fail we would get a letter telling us we had overpaid and they would claw some back out of our payments. Every year we would fill in our renewal pack and send it back to them. In April 2017 I took a job up I. Scotland for the summer. I was there merely 3 weeks wheb I had an accident and fell off a rock breaking my wrist and 2 ribs. At this point we were on tax credits but they had reduced the payments to a miniscule amount because we were earning a certain amount and the rest was taken in what we supposedly owed. Because I couldn't work I had to sign on and was placed on UC. I was off work for 6 weeks. Just long enough to get my first payment. Then told them I was fit to work again. They closed my UC account and stopped all payments. My son left school that August but went onto further education. We told HMRC so we could still claim his child benefit. We heard nothing from the government about tax credits so just assumed we wouldn't be eligible. We moved house a couple of times but received tax statements etc from the government. This morning I received a letter saying they had made an attachment of earnings for £800. I rang the recovery team who told me it was for overpayment of tax credits. So I rang the tax credits people to query it and they said all tax credits had been moved to Universal credit and to contact them as to what had happened. I rang the UC office who told me that indeed my tax credits had been merged with my UC but because I had declared I was fit to work they had closed my UC case.. In doing so all the tax credit payments ceased at the same time. I have since been working in a less well paid job and would have qualified for tax credits. So I have to now repay them £800 which they claim I owe yet have missed out on over 2 years tax credits because they stopped the payments the moment my UC stopped. If I hadn't broken my wrist we would have been eligible for tax credits but because I closed a case for UC I lost the whole entitlement. I'd this standard or am I missing something because to me I have lost 2 years worth of tax credits because of it They are very quick to find out where ykh live and your circumstances when you owe them money but the moment they owe you they claim they can't do anything about it. If I owe the money then fair enough but likewise if they owe me surely they should likewise repay me...
  8. I rang the enforcement section for the court and she clearly said the notice to provide details was sent on the 21.12.18. Hence why I asked because if she is correct and the letter was sent on the 21st then I cannot be guilty of an offence till the 28 days is up. And that would have been mid January at the earliest thus the six points shouldbt have been given till that date at the earliest and after my 2 year period had passed. She did say that its normal practise to send a letter telling me to respond in 28 days. If I dont reply its standard practise to send a reminder notice. If that were the case I fail to see how they reach an offence date of 21.12.18 Anyway I have today asked to file a statutory declaration and have an appointment on 18.10.19. If course my claim will be and quite truthfully I didn't know about it. Hence I never replied Hopefully all will be good. The lady at the court said if I were to plead guilty to the original offence they would in all likelihood drop the failure to supply charge and I would get points instead of 6 and I would get my license back.
  9. Here is an uodate I was caught by a camera doing 54 mph in a 40mph zone on 18.11.2018. The police apparantly wrote to me on 21.12.2018 asking for information on the driver. Because it went to a previous address I never knew anything about it. It then went to court in June 2019 and six points and £660 fine was awarded. This information has come from the court services so this opens up some further questions. Firstly It would definitely have been me driving. No one else ever drove my car and the road in question was a road I would have been driving down to get to work is where the offence occurred. So I have no argument against the original offence of speeding. However if as the court service says they wrote to me on 21. 12.18 then that would conflict with the date the offence is claimed to have been made. I believe you have 28 days from the date of request to provide the driver details. If as the court service says the letter was sent on 21.12.18 that would mean I had to respond by 18.01.2019. As I failed to respond then the offence of failing to supply details wouldn't have happened until the 19.1.2019. If this is correct becuase my 2 year probationary period expired on 5.1.5019 I would not have my license revoked but still had the 6 points. The date the letter was sent surely is important because the offence isn't committed the day they ask for the details but the date they told to respond by. Once that date is passed I have committed an offence. Up till that point I haven't done anything wrong Your thoughts please
  10. I am a bit confused about this. On the DVLA site it says the offence was on the 21st December 2018. Is that the date that I supposedly committed a traffic offence, the date it went to court or the date by which I should have responded by had I received the notice of intended prosecution. If its the date of the offence surely that would be wrong as the police have to alkow me time to respond. The offence of falling to provide details didn't occur until the point at which the time limit set by the police had passed. I may have been guilty of a traffic offence on that date but I wouldn't have been guilty of falling to provide details because at that point I hadn't been asked to name the driver and I hadn't broken the law by falling to provide details. If its the date on which it went to court then surely because that conviction is set aside and the process restarted then should I plead guilty the points would be added again but on a different date which would have be after the 2 year period and I would keep my license. That would then imply the offence was comitted by failing to supply details by a set date. Once that date had passed I had committed an offence. The police gave me till 21st December to provide details and once the 21st had come and gone I was deemed to have broken the law. The 21st was the cut off date and the date that I am deemed to be guilty thus that is stated as the date of the offence. On a nutshell they say the offence was committed on 21.12.18 but which of the scenarios above is that date relevant
  11. I rather stupidly assumed when the policeman last year took my details and my new address they would automatically update the address. That belief was further enhanced when the fine for no Mot came to my new address. I just assumed they would alter the address on the system. Clearly that was a rather costly assumption.
  12. Thanks honeybee. But I am absolutely panicking like hell. I have been driving without a license for the last 10 months and now cannot get to work and living in a rural area I am not reliant on public transport.. I just don't know what the hell I am going to do if they don't allow me to keep my licence
  13. Thanks for the advice. So actually what I am doing is appealing the failure to supply drivers details which they will then re instigate. If that happens what can I do as the punishment is 6 points. However that would take me over the 2 year period and I would be able to keep my license. Or would it then apply from the original date of the offence or the date it originally went to court. If I do file. SD would that then overturn the 6 points until the matter is dealt with or do they remain there. Sorry to be a pain but I am in a state of panic
  14. For failing to report the driver of a vehicle. The problem of coarse 1) i have no idea what driving offence the request for the driver was about 2) I haven't had any letter from the court, DVLA or anyone.... Absolutely nothing till the attachment of earnings letter landed on my doorstep today
  15. Okay where do I start. I passed my test on 5th January 2017 so my 2 year new driver provisions expired on the 5th January 2019. In May last year I was pulled over by the police and told my mot had expired by 2 days and there was no tax on the car. I knew about the tax and took a risk and lost the gamble so fair cop. Got a £100 fine for no Mot. At the time the officer took all my details. My address didn't match that on my license so I explained I had moved. He took the new address and told me all paperwork would go to the new address and the DVLA would update their records when he filed his report on no tax so I assumed the DVLA would know of my address change and didn't report a change of address on my vehicle. Stupidly i never thought about changing the address on my license because in all honesty given I had been caught in a motoring offence it would update automatically. this morning I received a letter from the court services about unpaid fines and they were doing an attachment of earnings. I haven't had any fines that I knew of so tried checking online and it suggested it might be a motoring offence There is a facility to check your license online and to my sheer horror I saw my license had been revoked in December last year. I rang the DVLA to ask what had happened as I have been driving for 10 months apparently with no license. I have insurance, car tax and Mot and not once has anything flagged up. Apparently I was supposed to have had a NIP last year and because I failed to respond they took it to court in my absence and fined me £660 and put 6 points on my license which was an automatic license revocation. I know absolutely nothing about any motoring offence and have never been stopped by the police. I have had absolutely no correspondence from anyone and apparently it was all sent to the old address which I thought they would have changed when my offence last year was dealt with. I am in a complete panic as I have to drive so I can get to work as its 25 miles from home. I can't drive now because I don't have a license that is valid. I haven't a clue what to do but surely something can be done because I haven't been told I had committed an offence and to lose my license because of it seems so unfair. If I had the slightest inkling about an offence I would have dealt with it I honestly didn't know until I received the attachment of earnings today I had even been charged with a motoring offence other than the one I already knew about and had dealt with. I didn't get points for that just a fine... Anyone able to help as I am in deep deep doo-doo if I have lost my license
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