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  1. I have decided to send a letter as above to CARS and also one to DW, and have included a copy of the automated original request message back from DW (containing my membership termination information) for proof, that I received when terminating my membership. I realise I could have just left it but I like things to be neat and finished (Vocational Craziness) and I feel more settled now that these have been written. The real issue is companies like this who pray on people who are genuinely trying to do the right thing, but that is another story. Thank you very much for the input and help. Hopefully this thread will stay alive so that I can come back to it should there be further developments.
  2. Thank you for the Information. Two very different views. My concern with leaving it is that they will track me down with an even larger bill and my concern with giving them an address is that it is not actually my house and it will cause problems. Further to this I am not even sure that will be the end of it as DW refused to end my membership based on the information I was able to give. They just kept moving the goal post a little further asking for more each time. So it may be that the amount just increases or continues after this time has been resolved. I have kept the emails but not sure who would care about them given that they just want my money.
  3. Hopefully you can help. I joined DW gym in November 2018 paying £35 a month and explaining that I may need to end my membership early as i was a contractor and was told that was fine i just needed to give 30 days notice. I then tried to end my membership with DW Gym in July 2019 as I was moving away due to my work contract in the area ending. I filled in the forms online and submitted these along with a document stating when my contract started and for how long it was for. I then 6 days later received a reply saying this was not sufficient and they needed proof of where I was moving to by means of a utility bill from that address which was obviously impossible if I had not yet moved and being a contractor I was unsure of where I was going so would be staying with friends until I found a new position. This went back and forwards for a few emails with me sending further information and details about my move but them always asking for more than i could give. In the end i found new accommodation and sent them the details of the tenancy which was also then refused on the grounds that they could not see the signature. I then read on their terms and conditions that it was the members responsibility to cancel the direct debit as they may continue to take this if they didn't so i did just that. i continued to receive emails from them to tell me the direct debit was cancelled and i should set this back up (Note at this point that ALL correspondence have been by email) I had done my best to explain and given notice but still they persisted. I have now left the area left the gym and moved into another position. However I have now received an email from CARSUk saying that they have been asked to collect a dept and I owe £305. I have read various things about cars being owned by Fitness First (I dont' think they are?) and that they will not pursue this much further than what they already have but I am unsure what to do and I certainly do not feel like i owe them anything. But I am also aware that CARSUK probably just get the dept instructions and have no idea nor do they care about the why's and what for. Its not so much the money as the principal and bullying tactics of companies like DW when i clearly explained on taking out the membership - So what happens If i just ignore all emails and correspondence? Would they normally take this further or try to trace me and where do I stand. I was just renting where I was and I have since moved again due to my work. thank you in advance for any advise
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