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  1. I spoke to PayPal and asked them straight up if any dealings would affect my credit rating as I'm also in a negative figure, they said no and I asked why I should pay it back if they can't be helpful. I have left them to it and discontinued any communication.
  2. Many thanks for the advice. I've tried contacting them a couple of times and even sent an email to the CEO, no one seemed interested in trying to be helpful and they kept reading from a script. I'm going to leave them to it, they've lost money and a long time user as a result. I've told them not to communicate with me in the future, all will be blocked
  3. Thank you for the prompt response If I want to open a new account wouldn't they automatically shut it down if I tried to? Sorry for all the questions.
  4. Hello, I have already been reading up on this topic through other posts in this forum, but want to check it is still relevant. So sorry for the repeated question. I sold a phone on eBay which the buyer then claimed didn't work. They put a dispute through PayPal 5 months later, and they then decided in their favour. I have received the phone back to find that it does work. As I didn't have any funds available, and I'm not going to risk selling it again in case it doesn't work, I am now £657 worse off, and I am now owing PayPal money. I have offered small payments monthly but they said they can only accept payments every 7 days to keep the account in good standing which I cannot afford the time and effort to keep doing. They said my account will likely be suspended and passed onto a DCA. I have decided I am going to let it roll over to the DCA and go from there as PayPal don't want to be helpful. Even after being with them for 13 years. So my questions are: Can this effect my credit rating? Can they take me to court if they refuse all my payment offers? What will happen if I cannot pay it all, will they just write it off? Would I ever be able to open a PayPal account again? (Not the end of the world if I can't!) Many thanks!
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