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  1. Right understood and thanks for your advice I shall keep you all posted.
  2. Hi, I read it on debt camel before i came online here and your correct I mis read it sorry. To receive a SAR or CCA will they request identification from me?
  3. I have read online that for a debt to become statue barred you must not have made a payment or had any contact with them through writing for 6 years and one month, therefore isn’t requesting a subject access request and CCA regarded as having contact?
  4. I agree with you and I am totally intrigued with this matter now. In all fairness the loan should never have been agreed for I wasn't in full time employment at the time and I was on medication for depression which I learnt was ADHD in 2018. The loan was to consolidate my existing debts into one so I could manage it better. I am not refusing to pay the debt for I took the money but I am not in a position at present to make payments to clear the account. I hope this changes in the future. i have financial and personal problems upon which I am trying to ke
  5. Thank you for your response. I have questioned why Lloyds bank haven't already taken me to court already and I thought maybe it is due to having my own property perhaps? I shall CCA Cabot and send a SAR to Lloyds bank and I will update the thread accordingly.
  6. Hi, thank you for your response. I will make a statutory CCA request this week to Lloyds bank or Cabot Financial? Also Lloyds bank contacted me via letter last month to inform me that they have refunded £100.02 back into my account before they moved me to Cabot financial for they incorrectly applied some interest to my account when they shouldn't have. They also advise me to contact Cabot in relation to this.
  7. Citizens advice advised me to make token payments after the account defaulted however I refuse to have token payments taken from my bank account since 28 March 2018 to avoid going overdrawn for I have no overdraft and have been penalised with bank charges therefore I stopped them. No I haven't asked for a CCA.
  8. Hi, the last token payment was 28 March 2018 for £1. Lloyds bank never took me to court for the loan they sold the debt straight onto Cabot Financial therefore there is no CCJ or charging order against my property. The debt also doesn't show on my credit file now.
  9. I took out an unsecured loan with Lloyds bank early 2008 for £15k and defaulted on the account in 2009 upon separation with my violent ex partner. The debt has since been passed onto Cabot Financial debt collectors with a current balance according to them for £10k roughly. I have an 8 year old child who was diagnosed with ADHD when he was 6 years old and at present I am his sole carer since his father left us when he was 12months old. I too was diagnosed with ADHD in late 2018 and have my own struggles along with trying to support my child throughout school.
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