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  1. Thank you. Do you mean that even if they view the cctv they won't get the police to find me? I would have assumed that would happen. Also, it has been 1 week, I suppose the longer that goes by the less likely it is to happen. Thank you for replying. I know what I did was so wrong, I have no excuses. I have to sort out my life and mental health and I am doing that now.
  2. Thank you. Yes, i have a psychiatric nurse appointment booked. It feels like my life has fallen apart. I'm worried for some reason they will check through the cctv and see me stealing. Would they then call the police who could find me and come to my door? I can't explain how much I regret what I did and I am so ashamed. I hate myself and don't know how to move forward for fear of waiting for that knock at the door.
  3. Hi, I have ptsd and severe anxiety 1 week ago I impulsively stole about £50 of groceries from Waitrose self checkout . I scanned some items but just left some in the trolley. I have no idea why I did this but I could feel an overwhelming panic building and just did it. No excuses . I have never ever committed any crime before and NEVER will again . I'm so terrified of what might happen . It is the unknowns. I feel so ashamed and guilty and sick with terror and anxiety that police will track me down . I paid with card, drove to the shop so they could easily find me if they check through the cctv at any point. Can anyone please tell me (good or bad), what could likely happen and if it does happen what punishment I will face please? This happened 1 week ago and I can't sleep, eat or function for fear of what might happen and shame at what i have done. Thank you in advance.
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