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  1. Thank you.... I am trying to work out what would be the best option for me and this helps... do you think it would would be better to just pay off the final 1000 debt and when the ombudsman makes the decision will it then be a simply case of he would use the full interest amount I paid to calculate the redress. i hope I explained correctly! The first scenario would use approximately (as you state) 680 for the redress and 8%. the second scenario, ie if I paid off the remaining 1000 would be as follows: 1500 loan 3180 total repayment, which means 1680 interest. If it’s fully paid off and the ombudsman finds in my favour is it correct that he would use 1680 plus 8%? am I correct in assuming this would result in more redress or am I totally wrong? again, many thanks
  2. Hi all... i wonder if if anyone could help with an enquiry as I have no idea how to calculate a possible redress amount. - I have an outstanding claim with the ombudsman against provident And i am optimistic it will be marked in my favour as I have had numerous other payday loans marked in my favour by the ombudsman service. however I am confused by one of the claims. As follows: 1. I borrowed 1500 from provident with a total repayment of 3180. I paid 2180 so far leaving 1000 to repay. on another claim the ombudsman instructed the other loan company to do the following. ”C) You should remove all interest, fees and charges from the balance on any upheld outstanding loans, and treat any repayments made by Mr ??? as though they had been repayments of the principal on all outstanding loans. If this results in Mr ??? having made overpayments then you should refund these overpayments with 8% simple interest* calculated on the overpayments, from the date the overpayments would have arisen, to the date the complaint is settled.” if the ombudsman adopts this same type type of instruction on the provident claim examples above... what can I expect refunded?? as I read it if I have paid 2180 already, the above statement means that I should be refunded the difference between what I have paid 2180 and what I have outstanding 1000 plus 8% interest? Is this correct? thanks in advance and any help given
  3. Hi. I can only view FML collections on my statements, no address or other identifiable marks. I know 100% it wasn’t FML loans (thanks anyway for suggesting)it was either a payday lender or a debt collection agency working on behalf of a payday lender... if I can identify the payday lender it was attached too I will be able to send to the ombudsman, but as of now I can’t....
  4. Hi all, back in in the day I had multiple payday loans which I am now in the process of making affordability claims. However, I was making payments to an FML collections and I don’t know who they are or who they worked on behalf? Does anyone have any information, perhaps to indicate who they were? any info would be much appreciated. :-)
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