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  1. I'm just waiting for the court to issue a CCJ now against CMD. Their reply to the court, admitting that they owed the money, they said that they were now trading as Chobham Central Garage. A Mr Dave Cohen is the manager. Send any correspondence to Mr Ahmed Alwaheeb (the listed owner of CMD) care of Mr Dave Cohen at Chobham Central Garage.
  2. Also, as they are now effectively trading illegally, they can become personally liable for the debts of a limited company. But you have to submit a claim before the company is dissolved otherwise other creditors will take precedence. This company and director need to learn.
  3. Anyone affected needs to send a complaint in to the insolvency service. They are now trading illegally as they have failed to enter an insvency agreement and flouting the terms of the Consumer Rights Act. The more that do the more likely the insolvency service will investigate.
  4. @Bench123 The picture below is a screen grab for the now non existent emc sales website. 'Crown Motor Direct Ltd T/A EMC Car Sales' Company number 09967993 Hope it helps.
  5. @JuneElizabeth emc sales is just the trading name of Crown Motor Direct Limited. It is a limited company so try with citizens advice again.
  6. All of these cases need to be declared to citizens advice. Speak to an advisor and tell them what happened, ask for the case to be referred to trading standards. Crown motor direct (emc car sales and now chobham Central garage) have gotten away with this for too long. I have also sent my story to the Surrey advertiser newspaper. Oh and make sure your financial claim is submitted too. If you don't and Crown motor direct enters an insolvency agreement, you won't be listed as a creditor and will find it very hard to get even a fraction of your money.
  7. The company director of Crown Motor Direct Ltd at companies House is listed as a Mr Ahmed Alwaheeb. Claims should be made directly against him as the director.
  8. That's great news. I'm just submitting my court paperwork now. FYI EMC say they have ceased trading but they have not. They have changed their name to Chobham Central Garage. The new website even lists the same registered company number (which actually belongs to Crown motor direct Ltd). For anyone that received a letter from EMC Sales saying that they have ceased trading. Do not fall for it. Send all communication to Cmd.fca@hotmail@com All the garage names are just trading names of Crown Motor Direct Ltd. And according to companies House the company is
  9. Blink_22 would you be able to send me a copy of this letter saying that they have ceased trading?
  10. Hmmm it seems like EMC sales really do stretch the envelops when it comes to dodgy trading. I seem to be in the same boat as everyone else that has bought a car from them. Fortunately for me if the motor ombudsman doesn't come through quick enough I can take them straight to court as I exercised my right to reject before the time period expired _ they're now disputing my consumer rights. In any case, I'm planning on taking the dodgy dealings of this garage to the local papers. They've already been reported by me to trading standards as the car they sold me was classed
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