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  1. Hi, I'd like to say thank you to all that assisted me. I've just come back from the Staples Corner Currys' store with my refund. On the 18/09/19 I wrote to the store letting them know that I would be taking court action against them. On the 27/09/19 they phoned me to tell me that they were refunding. Kind regards Jabs
  2. Thank you. The problem is that I have been trying to convince the staff at the Staples Corner branch that the laptop is faulty and I have been unable to do so. But what I have to digest is that these people won't see reason because they don't want to part with the money. I have to accept that no matter what argument I come up with, they won't see it my way. However an impartial who is more concerned about the consumer laws being adhered to is more likely to agree that there is a fault. Your post King12345 was very reassuring. Thank you again.
  3. This video explains what is happening with the laptop. However, it does not point to what could be the causes of this excess electricity. It does warn that the excess electricity could damage the motherboard. I think this could be good evidence to argue my point that my laptop is faulty. Do you agree?
  4. Fine I will call the credit card company and record the call
  5. Yes I agree with GraigMcK, I should not attempt to repair myself.
  6. When it comes to the credit card company and section 75, I have not yet parted with the money for the laptop. The date when I have to pay the statement where I have to pay the laptop to the credit card company is at the end of this month. What I was thinking of doing was to write to the credit card company telling them that I was suspending the payment of the laptop until the matter was under dispute. Currys has not investigated the matter so some independent has to investigate. Am I on my legal rights to suspend payment until the matter is investigated by an independent?
  7. There are two aspects. 1. the way the technicians have got it going on the two occasions it has failed is by doing a power drain. The first technician explained to me that excess electricity was on the system and that pressing the power on switch down for a good 15 seconds or more got rid of that excess electricity. So the first technician was admitting there was some hardware issue. 2. It is an intermittent fault and nothing has happened since it last failed on the 29/08/19. I do thank you for your suggestions but these, updating the Bios and disabling fastboot, I can only try out if the fault recurred often. I will look at the event viewer under System.
  8. I wrote to Currys on the 30/08/19 stating the CRA and gave them 14 days to reply. I should get a reply by tomorrow. If I don't receive one by early next week, what would be my next step to enforce the CRA?
  9. I have been using WIndows for many years (i bought my first desktop in 1990 and began using Windows 95 when it was released) on laptops and desktops. Since 1995 I have used a Windows based computer nearly on a daily basis. What I am experiencing with the power on switch on the recently bought laptop, I have never experienced before. It is not a Windows quirk, it is faulty hardware. It is possibly some components that are not making good contact and causing the excess power and therefore the need for the power drain.
  10. What I mean by the 30 day policy is what is stated on their receipt. If one takes the faulty item within 30 days, Currys has to offer refund, exchange or repair. Maybe I am wrong here because as I read the wording on the receipt it does not say that they will offer, it says they will refund, exchange or repair. Given what has been happening I can foresee that they will play with words and argue that they repaired it when they did power drain. So they did abide by the 30 day policy. It is obvious I have some battle ahead.
  11. Thanks for your suggestions. I did write to Currys head office and the branch stating the consumer act on the 30/08/19 and they have received the letters. So I did write well within the 30 day limit requesting the refund under the 30 day policy. The 30 day limit finishes today. I also emailed them on 02/09/19 stating the consumer act and I got an email reply that was a standard reply suggesting I should phone customer service. In no way their reply showed concern about the fact that I mentioned the consumer act. I bought the laptop using a credit card. What I have been told is that under the credit card act 1974 section 75, I can ask the credit card company for the refund. I have also triggered such request from the credit card company within the 30 days. I did that on the 05/09/19 and they got the letter the following day. I have not heard from them. I personally thought that Currys was an honourable company and that when I first went on the 20/08/19 I was going to have no problems. In no way did I envisage that they play such tricks to avoid their responsibility. I have been sold a computer that has an intermittent fault and that it is likely to fail badly soon. A large company like Currys should refund without problems in cases like this. But that is not happening.
  12. Hi, Any advice on what I could do to obtain a refund I would appreciate. I bought a laptop from Currys on the 13/08/19. On the 20/08/19, just 7 days after purchase, the laptop would not switch on. I would let it rest, press the switch on button and it would not switch on. I made sure that it was plugged in, that the adaptor's light was on, but the power on button when pressed would not switch on the laptop. On the 21/08/19 I took it to the Staples Corner branch where I had purchased the laptop. The technician who looked at it could not switch it on either. He then without asking for consent from me, pressed and held down the power on switch for quite a few seconds, 15 or more. Having released the power on switch, he then pressed the power on switch and the laptop worked. The repair operation he carried out is called a power drain, it removes excess electricity on the motherboard that confuses the power on switch and that is why it would not work. I told them that I did not want such machine and then he told me he refused to talk to me and went away. I asked for the manager and he also refused to give me a refund and argued that a virus could be causing the failure of the power on switch. On the 29/08/19 the power on switch failed again. It would not switch on the laptop. On the 30/08/19 after numerous calls to Currys' over the phone customer service they put me through to over the phone technical support who gave a refunds authorisation code. So off I went to the Staples Corner branch to ask for a refund. I gave them the code, the customer service and technician read a message on the system associated with the code, then the technician a different person from the previous one attempted to switch on the laptop and was unable to do so. He then did a power a drain and the laptop worked again. His words were, "there is something wrong". However, he then ran some diagnostics on the laptop and as these did not find the cause of what was wrong, I was refused a refund. The fault with the power on button has happened twice well within the 30 days and on both occasions the technicians became aware that the power on switch would not work. I have written to Currys informing them about the consumer act 2015 and that they are in breach of this act, but they have ignored my letter. They have replied using a standard letter where they are getting me to go through the whole cycle again of phoning customer service. In my letter I also explained what had happened on my two occasions at the Staples Corner branch and I pointed out that the technicians had violated the terms of the 30 day agreement because upon not being able to switch on the laptop they had taken repair action without my consent. Doing a power drain is a repair action. The power drain is just a temporary fix. In no way have they bothered to investigate what I am alleging is true or false. I m aware of this because I have been to the branch a third time and I spoke to the customer service over the phone and it became clear that they had not been in touch with the store to find out why I was having so much problems. Is there a standards trading board that I can appeal to? or any other suggestions would be welcomed. Thanks
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