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  1. I know exactly what you mean - I spoke to two charities yesterday both of which struggled to understand the complexity of the situation and the legalities. I had to basically listen to the police as I was at risk of being arrested. I sat in the car, the agent rang the police and had them tell me what he was doing was legal. They aren’t the experts but I’d rather not thrown in the cells overnight.
  2. I realise this. The car is probably worth around £7k so will sell for less at auction. I am also contacting a solicitor about what happened as I am convinced their actions were illegal. If it gets anywhere, I can potentially look at reducing that bill significantly. Will update with what happens.
  3. I just thought I’d update you. The car has gone. There was confusion over the money owed - I and the agent thought they were collecting the arrears and costs (approx £3800). Turns out, it was the the full settlement including legal fees and enforcement costs - over £10,000. Not a chance I could afford this. I’m still not convinced what happened today was legal. The three pieces of paperwork I have either state I owe nothing or just the court costs of £493. There is errors on the paperwork. It concluded that because the finance company technically own the car
  4. Okay, so an update. he’s not a certificated bailiff. he has a ‘repossession order’ I.E a document put together by Motonovo and a ‘judgement for delivery of goods’. Dated 10 May 2019. Police are on their way when someone is available. Theres also a ‘field collections report’ which says there’s a zero account balance and zero arrears. He had one copy of each document for himself. No copies for me. I now have his copy so he has no paperwork.
  5. I have also now established that someone needs an SIA vehicle immobiliser licence to clamp a car...I’ve searched the register and can’t find him. Is that also correct?
  6. He’s never said he’s a bailiff no. When I asked him over the phone he’s mumbled something about being appointed by Motonovo as an enforcement agent and that was it.
  7. It’s funny you say that because whenever he’s talked about payment, he’s told me to pay Motonovo, not him. I did wonder why. Do you fancy coming to Liverpool to help me with this? Haha you’ve been so helpful!
  8. I’ve searched for him on the register - nothing there, what does that mean? I can’t believe I just stood there and watched him put on the clamp!
  9. Thank you for your advice. I have already requested leave from my employer. The clamp is certainly not being removed tonight. He’s stopped replying to me presumably because he knows I am right. I’m worried his next step will be to just remove the vehicle in the morning? He told me to contact the finance company first thing (they open at 8am) but when can he remove the car, surely that’s anytime. I’m going to get up around 5:30am in the morning. I’m going to ask my partner to block in my car on the car park so he can’t just take it. Theres unlik
  10. I don’t have the card anymore. Once I took the number down, I must have put it in the bin. He’s read my last message asking his powers etc but not replied. He’s insisting he won’t take the clamp off because Motonovo have allowed him to apply it in the first place?
  11. I have spoken to him. He is appointed by Motonovo to apply to clamp? He advised he’s not a private clamper and won’t be removing the clamp. I have asked police for help, just waiting on them now. He told me to call the police but he won’t remove the clamp?
  12. Can I contact him even at this time? If I can get the clamp removed at least I can move it somewhere until I sort this out. If he is working as a debt collector for motonovo, is he not allowed to do this?
  13. Can you help me with this at all? On their website it says they are allowed to do this. If I contact him and ask him to take it off - what leg am I quoting? While he is okay to speak to, he’s currently in his recovery truck and is going to try and take the car tomorrow if I don’t pay!
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