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  1. Yep, in my case I applied to have it set aside, ended up in court. IIRC my defence was I was disputing charges and had been waiting on statements from Capquest / original creditor. Something along those lines. Managed to demonstrate they'd filed in prior address on purpose to prevent me defending, Judge agreed and didnt really seem to care about the defence, granted a set aside, threw around phrases like "abuse of process" and awarded substantial costs in my favour. Ordered CQ to provide documents requested. Capquest dropped the claim shortly after and wrote off the debt. Sad/angry to see its not just me they tried this with. @soldat Hang in there. Don't let them get away with it
  2. Around 6-7 years ago, CapQuest did exactly the same thing to me. We were back and forth with letters to my current address regarding a debt. Unbeknownst to me, they then submitted a court application in a previous address and continued sending normal letters to my current one. I found out a few weeks after they got judgement in default after they sent a letter to my current address confirming they now had a CCJ and to make immediate payment.
  3. Success. Letter received this morning; ”We refer to your recent request for documentation under section 77-79 of the consumer credit act. We have contacted the original creditor, HSBC Bank plc and they have confirmed that they are currently unable to provide this documentation.” Goes on to say they accept they are not permitted to take enforcement action and the account is placed on hold indefinitely until such a time that HSBC can provide the documents. They do offer me a discount tho Thanks for your help, is very muchly appreciated
  4. So, I sent the completed form directly to Moon Beever on the 11th with proof of delivery, however as yet still havent had any response or acknowlegement. Would it be worthwhile giving them a call to confirm they received it, or should I sit on my hands? Cheers
  5. Ah sorry, the LOC from Beever states "Our client has a claim for monies owed on your HSBC Bank PLC Bank Account Reference: (shows the bank account sort code and acc no here)"
  6. It looks like they've lumped the credit card into the current account and then closed it. But Intrum dont refer to it as an OD, or CC in any way. They just simply say "account" (?) The last statement for the credit card, simply shows "PAYMENT - THANK YOU" for the total balance which was ~£1300. The last current account statement shows a payment to the CC account for the balance on the same day. Then immediately after "TRF TO HSBS RS" payment (OD + CC Balance).
  7. Hi all, Looking for a lil advice here if possible. Back in 2015, I had a First Direct, bank account and credit card. got into financial difficulty and was making minimum token payments on the card and overdraft. Out of the blue and without any warning, at the back end of 2015 my debit card and internet banking logins stopped working. I was left stranded 50 miles from home and had to call up my sister to pick me up. When I contacted First Direct they advised that they have closed my accounts and that further details would follow in a letter, refused to elaborate further over the phone. A few weeks later, I received a letter from First Direct, which was simply a credit card statement, that has one only transaction "PAYMENT - THANK YOU" for the full balance and the credit limit reduced to £0. No further letters from First Direct at all since then. I called up First direct again, only to be told again, the accounts are closed and further details will follow in a letter, but none arrived. In the following months I received a few letters from Moorcroft Debt Recovery, for the value of the overdraft + credit card balance lumped together. Granted, I did bury my head in the sand at the time and forgot about it, until December 2016, a year later, when I received a letter from 1st Credit, advising that the account had been sold to them. So, since that time, I've been back and forward with Intrum, trying to get more info. Feb 2017, requested formally further information from 1st Credit. No response received. Sept 2017, I made a CCA agreement to 1st Credit (was renamed to Intrum in 2018). NOTHING for 9 months, until July 2018, they eventually sent a faded copy of the agreement, nothing else. So after another ignored letter in August, come November 2018 I served a SAR on both First Direct and Intrum. Both replied sending statements etc. Blank badly photocopied agreements... However, NO DEFAULT NOTICE and no further details as to why they closed the account. The statements simply shows "PAYMENT - THANK YOU" and zero balances. I further pushed Intrum to supply default notices, obviously it was never received, and they confirmed a few months ago that they couldn't provide one, only a template "formal demand" letter Now, today, I received a LBA from Moon Beever, their solicitors, advising they intend on filing an application to the courts. Where do I stand here. First Direct never defaulted me nor have they ever provided any form of correspondence explaining why they closed the accounts so abruptly. Is it lawful for them to put an overdraft and a credit card debt together into the same debt and try to enforce it? Thanks, Billybob
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