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  1. I've spoken to the husband this evening who spoke to the bank (Natwest) in question earlier to try to initiate clawing back the payment and they have advised him that they are unable to assist. They've said that the payment wasn't fraudulent hence they cannot help and also that he (the card holder) was the one who entered the payment. The payment was apparently made on the bailiffs tablet so I presume via the web payments page for the Enforcement agency It's really quite sickening things like this can happen to a couple in their 70's!!!
  2. As in: Could the bailiff have taken it as his office? or Theoretically could it be taken as his office? It's very simple rented room in a residential house so I'd suspect no to both the above, but very interested to know the angle on this none the less
  3. No, the lodger only disclosed information upon leaving my family's property. The first they knew of the debt was the bailiff at the door. They were informed the debt was for unpaid legal fee's in relation to the settlement of estate of a family member of the lodger. The client name on the receipt ties in with this
  4. The debts were in relation to unpaid legal fees owed by the lodger who had used the property address for correspondence. A third party (being my family) were forced to pay the (now ex) lodgers debt. This payment amounted to over £3,000. They paid this amount to stop the bailiff taking their own possessions. They were scared and the bailiff apparently told them people would be there to do so in 30 minutes! My family made this payment via a credit card. Everything indicates to me this payment was made under duress.
  5. When the lodger was leaving he disclosed to the owners of the property what the debt was in relation to. The information disclosed by the lodger ties in with the name of the "client" detailed on the receipt from the bailiff. *and just to confirm the debt wasn't in relation to a credit card, all mention of cards is in relation to how my family made payment (of £3k) to the bailiff to save their possessions! Yes, section 75 was what I meant to refer to instead of charge back.
  6. The police didn't attend. As far as I'm aware they were involved at the point the bailiff had persuaded the owner to allow entry to look in the lodgers room, but then refused to leave the property. I will get this confirmed however.
  7. This is another unconsidered, but very good point. Thank you. As I state in my post above, we have the payment receipt which also shows the clients name. Professionalism and conduct of the enforcement agent 19. Enforcement agents must act within the law at all times, including all legislation and observe all health and safety requirements in carrying out enforcement. They must maintain strict client confidentiality and comply with Data Protection legislation and, where appropriate, the Freedom of Information Act. Tell me about it! This is however sorted moving forwards th
  8. Thank you for all your replies. It looks like a charge back will be initiated by the persons involved hopefully. I will provide an update in due course. Providing some further details: The receipt has details of the client on it and I can confirm the debts had not been sold to a DCA. I will not detail who the creditor is, but I feel the actions taken against my family members would likely appear rather toxic to such a business. Especially taking into account my family were not even the debtors, yet paid another person’s debt under threat of losing th
  9. Thanks for the info @Bailiff Advice, much appreciated There was nor is any intention to lie, in fact finding I've done I've seen lots of discussion over recharges and it was mentioned lots of times that banks are less likely to be willing assist if it involves payments to bailiffs hence the question before we take action. I don't see how this couldn't count as a payment under duress. As I suspected (and has been confirmed) given the nature of this one a recharge seems a very valid course of action. I'm just trying to give my family the best possible chance to get their mo
  10. I'd just like to say thank you for the information and assistance provided thus far, I believed that what happened was wrong and something needed to be done about it, but having details of the course of action that should be taken is massively beneficial to us. In terms of the advice provided I would just like to clarify some items to allow us to move forwards: 1) Contacting the credit Card Company: - Should this be done in advance of a complaint being raised to the bailiff\before we receive a response from the bailiff to confirm they have received the complaint?
  11. Hi, I'm looking for some advice on behalf of family members who had a recent visit from a bailiff and ended up paying for a debt which wasn't theirs. They are a couple in their 70's and they do lodgings for working professionals. They had a lodger who rented a room with them, but was rarely ever there. He mostly lived at his girlfriends and kept the lodging room just in case "things didn't work out" with her. The couple who owned the house were unaware, but he'd ran up debts against their address. When he would occasionally return to the lodgings he would collect
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