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  1. Thankyou Shall I report it to 101? or even send complaint to Advantage. I am having to keep vehicle elsewhere at the mo till this is sorted , aa I don't trust them anymore.
  2. Hi all Yesterday an obnoxious agent from advantage called at my home wanting to collect vehicle? there was a little confrontation between the agent and my partner he would not give his name and she never thought of videoing the scenario but he told her that the vehicle had been reported stolen to the police and that they will be coming to 'get me' I have recently called the police station and give them my details and they said nobody has called them and the vehicle is not reported in any way. I am quite furious at what they have done considering the recent paperwork they sent me. is this another under hand tactic of there's? The police woman I spoke to said I can register a complaint as he was quite abusive towards my partner and made threats of me being arrested etc. my mind is telling me to call Advantage and tell them what I think but I know that is wrong would it be better if I sent an e mail to them ? Thank you
  3. do,I Know the drill with these lot as catharsis taught me well, however they were never of the phone to me with threats of collecting vehicle etc and demands using aggressive tones, then their collection agent said the vehicle would be reported stolen, so I kept in touch with them .
  4. Hi DX I I know what you mean but they were never off the phone to me making threats to report the vehicle stolen and telling me their agent was on his way when he actually wasn't. I tried to pay the arrears but then they took away the opportunity and it is how it is right now. I would like to take you up on your offer of an email address please. Thank you.
  5. Hi DX. I don't understand what you mean when you say... The threatened you and you fell for it.. yes they threatened me and then the carried out the threat I don't know what else I could have done to prevent this but like you say ' oh well' but I know what you mean. When I initially asked for help, it got resolved, then it took a turn, to which I asked for help again, and I was given more help, I acted upon it and ' they' kept the pressure on me to the situation I have now. I massively appreciate the help and direction I always receive and no doubt will be back here albiet, more assertive and proactive. In the meantime I'm I will look to progress further with the advice I have been given throughout these posts. Thank you so much for your time effort and patience.
  6. Hi dx. I have read and tried the upload and it looses me, but I will try again. I never paid the arrears as they would not wait another day. So they removed the right to pay off arrears and terminated the contract. They sent a letter saying.....' you are no longer in possession of the vehicle with our consent' ??
  7. Hi dx. I now have payment details etc ( but seriously struggling to upload) along with a letter from Advantage , outlining 'we' have been unable to reach a reasonable resolution as regards the outstanding debt, despite numerous attempts to contact me. ( Load of tosh, I was never of the phone and email to them) They advise me to take legal advise and respond within 30 days, if not then it's court for ROGO to enforce the order. Amongst the paperwork there is an I&e form. And a request to advise them who I am using for advice? What is my next step, apart from uploading the statement of payments which I struggle to do. Can I just screenshot.? TIA
  8. Hi I have just received a letter from Advantage ..... Because you have not comply with terms of default notice. And section 87 (1) of CCU 1974. The agreement is now terminated. You are no longer in possession of the vehicle with our consent. ,............................................................. Wow. Should I be using the vehicle? Shall I reply? I will upload the docs tonight. Thank you
  9. Hi. Yes I want to keep the vehicle. I shall get my head around the upload procedure. Thank you Cheers
  10. Hi. Yes I want to keep the vehicle. Shall I scan the full agreement. Cheers
  11. Wow that letter is awesome and it has instantly made me in a better mood as I have done everything I can giving my health conditions to deal with the finance company. I mentioned previously that I had emailed the company and told them I will not give the whereabouts of the vehicle and that I would pay the arrears by the end of today, however they have now advised me that they have terminated my contract and that they want full payment of the outstanding balance buy close of today otherwise they will take further action. With this in mind shall I still pay the arrears or await their response and defend from there, with the help from here. However if if I clear my arrears this evening then would that not be wasted money based on them terminating my contract thus opening up a whole new can of worms, and to be honest I would love to defend their actions as they have not helped or assisted me during my attempt for help giving my medical condition and circumstances surrounding my non payments and subsequent arrears. What further action would they take when they terminate my agreement at the closed off today,? and what would happen with the vehicle agreement is terminated would it then be illegal to still use the vehicle? Thank you.
  12. Once again thank you for for this much needed advice. I will scan my contract and then upload here. And to be honest I did fall for their twaddleyet I have been on this group for many years now and should know better.
  13. Hi thank you again for this speedy response I have written them an email outlining my intentions of resolving the matter today and that if they want to report it stolen then I shall surrender myself to the police and explain to them the situation. As of yet they have not responded I will give a further update once they respond. Thank you.
  14. Hi and thank you for your speedy response which was greatly received as I am not too good as this is going on anyways...I had a default notice a few weeks ago I don't know the exact time and date as I am at work now and paperwork is at home last week they gave me until today 11 a.m. to pay the arrears I have advised them that it can't be paid until later today but they insist that they are coming for the vehicle I spoke to the agent and he said once they come to my property I have to surrender the vehicle but it is actually 22 miles away from my address I have spoken with the managers of I advantage and day categorically say pay now there is no more time or we we will take the vehicle which I haven't give them the whereabouts and they are now demanding the whereabouts and they said they would report what the vehicle is stolen to the police now I am happy to wing this until the end of the day what was the score for me as I am writing this message is calling me
  15. Hi. The agent is on his way to collect the van I have pleaded with Advantage that I can pay today but they will not allow me any more time as they said they have given me enough time to do so. They categorically insist I can't have any more time . I am not at my property but they are still pending and said if I don't surrender the vehicle they will report it stolen. Can I hang on on for a few hours until I make this payment and stay out of their way or what is the consequences of me doing so.
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