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  1. Hi Andy Delayed? It was only concluded yesterday. There is a new payment plan agreed and that's it really. No time order required.
  2. Hi All All is now well and things went my way, happy with outcome.
  3. I understand what your saying, however I paid the 2x £60. And 2x £1.80. Something I need to forget about quickly. Profeteiring at its best. Cheers.
  4. Thank you for your comment I applaud your observation to which I have forgotten about already.
  5. Hi Manxman Very harsh, more expense for me during the lockdown period. They know people will forget to pay, thus profeteiring immensely.
  6. The basis of my appeal was simply, I forgot to pay the toll fee within the 48 hrs. That's it really.
  7. Update Well I had high hopes for my appeal of (Forgetting to pay) to which they have,after consideration, denied both appeals. Money making scam imo. I must pay £31.80. within the stipulated terms of 14 days from the 10th May which is obviously overdue, so now it is £61.80 X 2. What an absolute Scam. Gutted is an understatement.
  8. I never e-mailed. you can only respond by their official website, it is pretty good and informative. Cheers
  9. Hi dx. I thought about that but wanted the official paper trail. Cheers
  10. Hi. I have appealed the fines via their website, I will update further as soon as I have a reply. Thank you
  11. dx Indeed, you are correct, how're this is money making scam at its best. Forget to pay in 48 hrs and get fined £30/60. I will appeal firstly and update here. Thank you.
  12. Good Morning dx The Toll is The River Tyne Tunnels. Pay within 14 days and its £31.80. within 30 days is £61.80. Thankyou NCP
  13. Hi All this is new to me, going through my local toll you can collect an invoice/ticket and pay within 48 hrs, so back and forth x5 paid x 4 @£1.80 each way, then forgot about two, tried to pay and it said no, notification in post. I now have two ,fines, for £60.00 each. Non payment will result in the debt, being passed to a 3rd party blah blah. Do I simply contest these re forgetting to pay, or tell them to? Thank you
  14. Thankyou Shall I report it to 101? or even send complaint to Advantage. I am having to keep vehicle elsewhere at the mo till this is sorted , aa I don't trust them anymore.
  15. Hi all Yesterday an obnoxious agent from advantage called at my home wanting to collect vehicle? there was a little confrontation between the agent and my partner he would not give his name and she never thought of videoing the scenario but he told her that the vehicle had been reported stolen to the police and that they will be coming to 'get me' I have recently called the police station and give them my details and they said nobody has called them and the vehicle is not reported in any way. I am quite furious at what they have done considering the recent paperwork they sent me. is this another under hand tactic of there's? The police woman I spoke to said I can register a complaint as he was quite abusive towards my partner and made threats of me being arrested etc. my mind is telling me to call Advantage and tell them what I think but I know that is wrong would it be better if I sent an e mail to them ? Thank you
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