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  1. @BankFodder hi there thanks again for your help during the case, the money arrived the next day! :)
  2. success!!! P2G have agreed to settle out of court, they wouldn't refund the parcel protection but have agreed to pay the rest, i will close the court case when i get the money in the bank!
  3. @BankFodder Hi just wanted to check in to see if I’m still going along the right lines. P2G Filed an acknowledgment of service on the 06/09/19 and said they intend to defend all of the claim, does this give them 28 days or do I need to take action before them?
  4. Morning. Just wanted to drop a quick update, the claim has been updated by P2G saying they intend to defend all of the claim... is the next part just a waiting game now?
  5. yes of course, i didn't even know advice online like this existed so thanks again for all the guidance you have provided so far. ill keep you up to date with the information as soon as i hear back.
  6. hi yes the first time i made them aware that i wanted to start small claims court proceedings was via live chat on the 06/08/2019 and then again when i made a trust pilot review on the 07/08/2019. hope that would be sufficient as i've never had to do anything like this before. if you've got a moment could you explain what im to do next, at the moment the claim is 'issued' thanks again
  7. thank you so much for your reply, i did try and edit my first post but couldn't so posted a response to say i did make an error on the daily interest, i calculated what i believed they owed me and put it in the daily accruing amount in error. i absolutely agree with you in regards to these [causing problems] companies paying extra for them to provide a service you expect and should receive. i made parcel2go aware that i was going to progress the complaint to small claims court however i never sent an official letter of claim. is that going to come back and bite me? thanks again for your input, greatly appreciated
  8. Also just a heads up, after re-reading the claim form, ive made an error, i calculated the interest due from the date the money was supposed to be paid to the date that i raised the claim and put that in the daily interest box. hope this wont cause too much of a problem! must have had a blonde moment! Doc_20190905_082540.pdf
  9. Hi All, total newbie here, apologies if anything i post is wrong or useless info. i need some guidance as to what to do next, I posted a parcel paid for via parcel2go and the item arrived damaged, the value of the item was £185 and i paid for parcel protection to that value. the item was a diving regulator and a completely sealed unit so no components can be replaced. i immediately go on live chat when the buyer of the goods told me the compass part had been crushed. on live chat the claim was approved and passed to higher management for payment as it was 'high value', then around 10 days later i got an email saying the claim couldn't be paid as the item was actually prohibited as it contained water!! At first parcel2go offered £90 compensation but after a lot of arguing they agreed to pay the claim in full. This was agreed on 09/08/2019 and they advised 3-5 working days for the payment to arrived and they have now repeatedly been saying this for a month, at my wits end i paid and raised a claim with the small claims court. I started the process on the 03/09/2019, the claim was 'raised' on 04/09/2019 and today i was paid £185 by parcel2go not the amount which was advised by Money Claims Online of £242.06 including original postage cost, the insurance protection and the court fees. i need guidance, do i leave the claim outstanding or do i close it as they paid me too close the claim being opened?
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