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  1. Still sending messages & now threatening to pass to "zinc" (also Harlands?). The gym is Furzefield in Potters Bar, run by Inspire for the LA I believe.
  2. Hi they haven't given up! Funnily enough, the gym head office agreed with my complaint and offered to change the membership a month or so back. I agreed on the basis that Harlands would give up their harassment. And... I have heard nothing back and it goes on like a broken record! It's probably not sensible to reinstate any form of membership anyway because I wouldn't trust Harlands with my bank details again. Going to have fun leaving some reviews of the gym now!
  3. Well my letters were ignored. Got another email from the gym saying I should pay or incur more fees. Harlands have predictably put it through to their "credit resolution services" goons with a £722 balance. Just going to ignore the morons from now on.
  4. Thanks I will do that and post the response I get! Sorry to be a pain but where can I find the draft?
  5. Cheers. I read a load of topics but couldn't find a case similar to this. It's a weird one because I didn't want to flat out cancel the membership but ran into an officious jobsworth on a bit of a power trip. I just wanted to swap the membership to a swim only instead of full because the gym turned out to be unusable in the evenings when I could go in (under equipped on really basic stuff but a zillion treadmills I don't use). Ok, I should have realised but there you go. I'd like to offer £50 or something to shut them up but it will surely just make them think their scare tactics are working. No reasoning with these bleepers.
  6. Hi there, just after some advice about a DD I cancelled which was for a 12mth gym membership. a month or so in I asked to change to a different/cheaper membership option because I was not happy some aspects of the membership I was paying for. I didn't think it would be a problem at all. After a month or so of the gym not replying to emails etc, they finally respond by refusing to make the change which I think was pretty cheeky. The emails were cc'd to harlands and I did warn I would cancel the DD. Predictably the emails flood in from Harlands saying I have to reinstate the DD and pay their made up charges. I responded twice by email to them explaining that I feel the gym has broken it's own contract by not providing the service expected (in the small print on the contract T&C's it said they have to provide the reasonably expected equipment/services etc). Bizarrely about 3 weeks ago Harlands sent an email asking if I would like to make a complaint and heard nothing since until now. They are now threatening to send a DCA for a ridiculous amount if I don't pay £136. Just wondering what my next step should be - make a settlement offer, trading standards? Thanks
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