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  1. Hi guys, I have recently received a letter from Santander which I believe is a standard response i.e your complaint against SCUKL will be assessed under general legal principles (including time-bar) where as the FCA's dispute resolution "DISP" rules apply to your complaint against the insurer. Moreover, it goes on to say "for your complaint against the Insurer (but not your complaint against SCUKL), you can choose to go to: The Financial Ombudsman Service. My questions are 1) Why can't I go to the FOS to complain against SCUKL/Satander Cards UK Li
  2. Hi Dx, I don’t understand what you mean above. Please can you explain it without the acronyms and in simplified/clearer terms? Kind regards
  3. Hi guys, I’ve got my mother’s Littlewoods statements (archive statements) via a SAR I can see there is a line called “BNPL ABC BAL” which is Buy Now Pay Later Agents Balance Care Balance I.e BNPL= Buy Now Pay Later. ABC=Agents Balance Care BAL=Balance. I’ve looked on some posts on this website and other sites, and it seems that “Agents Balance Care” was a kind of PPI. In my mother’s case, is BNPL ABC BAL a form of PPI? It varied each month from a few hundred, to £50 odd and then sometimes zero. Any help/ad
  4. Well, I hope so. Perhaps it’s just a news story to sell more papers/get more online readers.
  5. What is 2 years old? Are you referring to the article? The article was written in October 2016 so it’s almost 3 years old. Please can you help me out with my questions? Thanks
  6. Hi dx, yes i May be thinking too deeply, but what if it happened? Although she doesn’t remember signing anything (her memory is not the best) I’m pretty sure there would have been something to sign right? E.g letter for her to sign confirming she is happy/she agrees with the offer? After reading this article, I started to get a little worried: https://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/news/article-3833245/Banks-snatching-PPI-payouts-ve-paid-25bn-years-mis-selling-say-mistakes.html
  7. Hi dx, thanks for the reply. In regard to “statute of limitations”, it’s a 6-year rule then is it? In my situation, I’m helping my mother with her PPI complaints/enquires and she had around £10k back from a bank in 2012 (I didn’t help her with this at the time; it was via a simple call she made to the bank). However, she doesn’t remember what the PPI payout was for exactly (she thinks it was for loans) and doesn’t remember if she signed anything. However, with the 29th August 2019 deadline approaching, I decided to write to the same bank a
  8. Hi guys, I’m not sure if this is correct but I’ve read somewhere that if a bank pays you twice in error (e.g double PPI payout ) or makes an incorrect payment (e.g an overpayment of PPI In error ), the bank has up to 6 years to get the money back. If it’s more than 6 years, then the bank can not get their money back. Is this correct? Kind regards
  9. Hi stu007, thanks for your advice. By the way, I have heard of/read about people who have received bank statements going back to the early 90s via a SAR (and sometimes with the help of the ICO) I.e especially with the big banks such as RBS, Lloyds, HSBC, Barclays etc. Do you think by complaining to the ICO, the banks will take me more seriously and therefore “dig” a little deeper for the information I require. In my case, I would like bank statements from early 90s onwards, and still awaiting a response.
  10. Hi guys, is it worth complaining to the ICO if the company doesn’t provide the info you have requested via a SAR e.g statements and agreements? Kind regards
  11. Hi guys, does anyone know who was/were the underwriter(s) for Littlewoods/Shop Direct from 1999 to 2006? I understand that Aviva is the current underwriter, but not sure if they were before. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind regards
  12. Hi dx, thanks for the info! So what period was PPI more common for Littlewoods then? According to the info received, it seems the account started in 1999 (it says “statement 1”) and ended some time in the mid/late 2000s (the latest statement they show is 2006 I.e “statement 92”, but I’m pretty sure my mother had it for a some years after this date). Kind regards
  13. Hi guys, I’m hoping you can help me again. Here is the info: ShopDirect (Littlewoods) response to my complaint/enquiry: “Thank you for contacting us about the concerns that you Have with the sale of your PPI policy. According to our records, there is no evidence that PPI has ever been applied. Please find enclosed a selection of statements from different trading periods in your account history. The statements provided to evidence that no PPI has ever been applied to your account are in different formats due to system migration/and or the statement a
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