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  1. Dear Miss Ellis, You recently completed and returned a customer financial form and we have undertaken a review of your financial position in accorance with the requirements of the bankinf colde and the FSA waiver applying to the bank charges complaints. Following our review of the information you have provided and in accordance with these requirements we have determined that you do not fall within the criteria which degine financial hardship. Therefore, at present w will not look to take your case further and review your bank facilities. If your circumstances change or you have
  2. Hi there, Natwest have written to me and told me they dont think i am suffering hardship. I am now looking for the money claim online template letter, does anyone know where it is? Can i include i charge i haven't received yet? Thanks,
  3. A few weeks ago i received a letter from Natwest that was thier standard form to fill out about your ins and outs to prove your hardship. Weeks on now, i still had no response and i am slightly kicking myself for not sending it recorded delivery. I have no choice but i'm going to sent the Letter Before Action tomorrow morning. Comments and advice greatly appreciated.
  4. Right then, the baby is sleeping and i have just finished going through all my charges and using the spreadsheet in the library (great tool by the way) I have printed and finished the letter and all i will do now is send it later by Recorded Delivery. Wish Me Luck
  5. Got my bank statements last week. i am now deciding whether I should wait for the next £28 charge to come through or just go straight on with the Letter before action? I know most likely i will have more charges to come! What do you think? Total charges so far in the last 2 years to claim back£ 1,201.00
  6. WON Just to Let you know, We won the case and the fine dropped. We went through an online agency and paid something like £8 to fight against the parking fine? Cant remeber which one now as it was a long time ago. We argued that the same parking symbol was used on both sides of the road- that the signs did not clearly distinguish one side of the road was for residents and the other pay and display only. This happens to so many people going to Kings College Hospital! Lambeth council admited they were wrong. Wow that made me feels fantastic!!!!!!!! I even wanted to
  7. Hi there, A few years ago I managed to get £1726.00 from NatWest, but over the years my charges have spiralled out of control and now need to get them back again, i really am in hardship this month they charged me £200, and now i have to borrow money from my parents to pay the rent. With Utilities and bills not being paid and them taking all my tax credits I need to get this started? Q. Where do i find what qualifies for hardship? Q. Is there a prelim letter with hardship in it? Thanks
  8. I believe my ticket is unfair because there were unclear Signs; one side of road pay and display the other side for residents We parked on the wrong side of thr road despite paying at the parking machine with our ticket clearly displayed in the window, This is not the first time this has happened to us in Lambeth. I have a penalty charge notice with a notification date (not date of issue) and a contravention code. Do i have any rights? Can anybody offer me advice? Thank you
  9. won! I was waiting until i had the spare cash to take Natwest to court, as i though i had been miserably lied to. When this mornign i received a letter from Natwest who have offered me a refund of £1726, all i have to do is sign as a full and final settlement and get my money Thank you consumer action group, and good luck to everybody else.
  10. I still haven't had a reply from them actually, i think this is a delaying tactic. I think im going to have to start court proceedings, feel quite lied, because when i went into Natwest the note on the system was dated the 23rd January and the man said they send out the letters within 7-10 days. What does everyone think?
  11. Sending my preliminary letter claiming £260.
  12. OH MY GOD!!!! Went to the bank today to deposit some money and the lady asked if i would be interested in the Sale??? Anyway i though why not i will speak to someone. So i went up to the office and started speaking to this bloke and said ok what you offering and told him about me taking Natwest to court about the bank charges. He looked into my notes and it said i have been offered a refund of £1726.00 on the 24/01/2007 All i'm doing now is waiting for the letter to arrive. I cant believe it I AM SO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Have written my (LBA) letter before action, and will send it recorded delivery Monday. Guys this site is great i feel so excited.
  14. Received a letter from Natwest today. Dear Miss Ellis Thankyou for your letter dated 8th January 2007 regarding charges applied to your account. We are currently considering your claim and will respond as soon as possible. pp Stuart Hingley Customer relations
  15. I only just got home to see your message. I have already sent my letter today first class by recorded delivery. Fingers crossed nothing will go wrong.
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