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  1. I will happily send you all the stuff I've got ....I can forward it via email if that's ok
  2. Seems that EMC website is down or been deleted "SHARKS"
  3. They gave us the chance of a free MOT if we gave them proof of us leaving a five star review within 48 hours ..Which our car didn't even last before breaking down . The car we bought should of failed the MOT due to a sheared sub frame bolt and the lack of a cat converter on the exhaust
  4. I have just got back from holiday to an email from the motor ombudsman, after waiting 6 months for them to reply , it turns out that EMC car sales are not accredited to any of the ombudsman codes of practice so they just tell you to complain to the ombudsman to put you off the scent as they know(EMC) it takes months for any sort of reply ..... Small claims court here we come
  5. Thanks for the reply ....I am currently going thru the motor ombudsman with a case against EMC car sales but it is a long drawn out process , been going approx 5 months and nothing yet.
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